When the seasons change, we find ways to update our wardrobes, makeup, and even our diets. One thing we don’t always consider is our skincare routine. During the warmer months, the focus is on lightweight products and sunscreen. We need to adapt to the colder weather by changing the way we look after our skin and moisturize: 

Stop over-exfoliating.

When your skin feels flaky, it’s tempting to grab your exfoliator and get scrubbing. But this can actually damage your skin’s natural barrier. Over-exfoliating can cause irritation and dryness by removing healthy skin cells. It’s not that you should never exfoliate, but beware of doing too much of a good thing. Rather than using abrasive products, switch to a more gentle cleanser during the fall season.

Upgrade your moisturizer. 

What are the signs that winter is coming? Some might say the colder temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight, but others will say it’s how cooler weather negatively affects their skin. Waking up with tight, dry, and flaky skin isn’t fun, and it’s a sure sign that summer is over. Before you completely change your skincare routine, find your skin type. There are products tailored to oily, dry, acne-prone, or combination skin. Pick one that works for you and apply it multiple times a day, especially before bed.

Keep wearing sunscreen.

Sure, summer may be the sunniest time of the year – but that doesn’t make UV rays any less damaging in the fall. Sunscreen becomes just as important when the snow falls since light reflects off the white surface. Stick to applying sunscreen year-round to keep yourself safe from skin cancer.  

Use a moisturizing body wash & lotion.

We focus a lot on our facial skin, and sometimes we forget about our bodies. Our skin needs deep hydration from head to toe. Using a moisturizing body wash will help repair the damage that our skin endures, especially when it’s followed by a rich lotion afterward. Not only will your skin smell great, but it will feel soft and supple, too.

Buy a humidifier.

The owner of a professional stem cell face treatment clinic shared this skincare tip: “Humidity levels plummet in the cooler seasons. Your skin will suffer if you don’t take steps to counteract this imbalance.” Due to the colder temperatures, we spend more time indoors where our furnaces create even drier air. Adding a humidifier to your home can offset the effects of decreased humidity. If you want to add a pleasant scent to your home, buy an oil diffuser, which accomplishes both these jobs in one.

Take care of your hands & feet.

A symptom of summer’s end is dry hands and cracked feet. It’s unsightly, uncomfortable, and unnecessary. Those who work with their hands will experience serious discomfort if they become chapped. To get rid of these cold weather side effects, buy a heavy-duty moisturizer specifically for hands and feet. Since these products tend to be greasy, apply them when you won’t be needing to use your hands for at least ten minutes. 

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Stay away from hot showers.

Spending time in the cool outdoors can send you running for a hot shower. But you may want to think twice before you crank the heat all the way. Steaming water strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving your body very dry. If you can stand it, try to use water with milder temperatures or take shorter showers.

Stock up on lip balm.

The scented lip gloss you used in summer might sting come fall time. No one likes the feeling of split, dry lips. Without lip balm, this might be your fate the next time you venture outside. Licking your lips only makes the problem worse. Say goodbye to chapped lips by buying a rich, soothing balm. 

Apply eye cream.

Our eyes endure a lot of stress. They’re tugged when we put on makeup, pulled when we remove it, and they rarely get moisturized like the rest of our skin. The skin beneath our eyes is fine and delicate, which means wrinkles can appear there easily. Counteract signs of aging with a targeted eye cream. The cooling effect of the lotion may even diminish the appearance of dark circles. 

No matter which season is your favorite, it’s important to be prepared for the changing weather. The key takeaways here are to use gentle products, moisturize often (and everywhere), and be prepared for the cold weather that’s coming. 

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