Women all over the world covet having glowing and radiant skin every day, not just on special occasions. There are plenty of amazing and high-quality beauty products out there that can help you get your glow on, however, skincare goes far beyond just beauty products. Here are Benton’s top 8 skincare tricks to add to your daily routine.

1. Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

This is the one rule you should never break. You should apply SPF all day, all year, no matter what the weather. Look for a mineral-based sunscreen that is safe for daily use. Cancer-causing UV rays are very harmful to the skin, and they are also the leading cause of advanced skin aging, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The Benton Papaya-D and Papaya-S sun creams have different SPF levels to accommodate your skin’s sun protection needs.

2. Moisturize Your Body

Moisture is the most crucial part of having healthy and glowing skin. Aside from maintaining a proper daily skincare routine, you should use hydrating and moisturizing products like lotion on your body to help replenish and seal moisture on your skin. The Shea Butter & Coconut Body Lotion is a moisture-intensive product you should apply to your body after you shower. It’s very light, so you can still apply sunscreen on top of it.

3. Prioritize Your Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial if you want to achieve glowing and radiant skin. Research shows that any underlying gut problems will manifest on your skin as eczema and acne. If you think you have poor skin texture or tone, pay more attention to what you consume and adjust your diet to incorporate more healthy fats and antioxidant-rich foods like the ones below:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Fruits like lemon, oranges, blueberries and apples
  • Vegetables like spinach and kale
  • Whole eggs
  • Chia seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Salmon

Aside from food, you can also take supplements to improve your skin health. Vitamin C is a well-known ingredient for glowing skin, and collagen can boost your skin’s cellular renewal process. Both products will surely give you a healthy and radiant complexion. 

4. Exercise Daily

Daily exercise and activities can increase the blood flow all over your body, which transports vital oxygen, minerals, and nutrients to your skin. You can sweat out the toxins in your body to get the glow you want. Get moving and sweat your way to brighter and healthier-looking skin!

5. Exfoliate at Least Once a Week

Depending on your skin type, you should exfoliate and scrub your skin at least once a week. Shedding old skin cells will brighten your skin and give you a smoother overall complexion. It’s important not to exfoliate too often, and to remove dead skin cells as gently as possible, especially if you have sensitive and easily-irritated skin. The Benton Pore Clear Brush is an exfoliating tool that can help you gently scrub away dead skin cells while cleansing.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is essential for your body and skin’s health. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses (2 liters) of water daily to stay properly hydrated. Staying hydrated will keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and glowing from the inside-out!

7. Practice Good Hygiene

A simple but effective practice that can give you glowing skin is keeping your makeup, makeup tools, and bedsheets clean. Find the time to regularly clean your belongings because makeup brushes, kits, and sponges are breeding grounds for oil, grime, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Change your pillowcase and bed sheets at least once every two weeks to work magic on your skin.

8. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Poor sleep quality is one of the leading causes of the compromised function of your skin’s barrier and increased visible signs of skin aging. The standard rule of thumb for proper beauty sleep is resting for at least 8 hours each night.

Glowing and radiant skin doesn’t happen overnight. Aside from choosing the right products and having a strict skincare routine, there are many other factors that play a part in achieving a healthy complexion. Be good to your body and your skin will thank you!