Interested in joining the AMFAM?

We have just launched and are looking to build a rockstar team.

Please see the list below for an outline of the open positions, contributor options & internships with AMFAM.


New York Based 

Content Manager (must have a degree in journalism)

Web Designer (minimum 3 yrs experience in building websites)



Interns based in New York looking to get their foot in the Fashion & Modeling world?

We need interns who are experienced in the following fields:

– Fashion Journalist

– Stylist Assistant

– Proof Reader

– Social Media Manager

Internships are 2 – 3 days and are based in New York City.



Writers & models looking to have their stories told. Please reach out to us and submit your story or articles for our editor to overview.


Connecting Bloggers

We are looking to find connecting bloggers who would like their work published on the website under the Posts section.

We offer full redirected traffic to your website or blog and you will be fully credited per article as well as being featured on the contributors page.


Connecting Brands

We would love to work with brands who express the same love for fashion as our team.

For advertising, brand placement, or sponsored content please email


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