My reaction would be the exactly same. What the fuck is this all about?

If I wasn’t directly attached to this, my initial thought would be…. “great, just another person who has access to the internet to show off about her superficial life which further proves she only surrounds herself with models and beautiful people”. If you got that impression from the title, I don’t blame you.

But here’s a little secret. It’s the opposite.

This is a website which is ultimately about humanizing beauty.

I just so happen to have a group of friends who are all successful, working models, and we are using this website and their positions in the media to bring forward the issues surrounding the life of being a model and those who are affected by the stereotypes on the other end of the spectrum. 

Giving the models a voice and teaching our readers not to feel intimidated by their lives, or the false ideas that surround them. 

Looking beyond the glamorous fashion façade, we are focusing on the details that are not covered in traditional fashion publications.

  Empowering you to not be intimidated by models but rather inspire you to enrich your life through the interviews, fashion tips and lifestyle advice we bring you.

We are a curation of ideas, work and editorial content from a group of renowned creative talents who have come together with a common vision of a new breed of fashion journalism.

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