We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, happily referencing the benchmark of eight hours as crucial to our wellbeing. Yet despite the universal recognition of this value, sleep is often one of the first things to be dropped amongst a hectic schedule. With so many distractions and conflicting pressures, the perfect night’s sleep can seem unattainable – the white whale of wellbeing. Did you know that sleep deprivation can cause your mental and motor responses to become unstable? This is one of the many random facts on how sleep quality impacts your overall health and functionality. 

But there’s good news: good sleep is a matter of habit, and a few small tweaks to your daily (and nightly) routine can go a long way in ensuring that when you do hop into bed, you’ll quickly drift off into a deep and restorative sleep. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, try these tips for night’s sleep fit for a (beauty) queen.

1. Power Down

Our interconnected era is a fast-paced and exciting place to live, but it’s precisely these characteristics that make it so detrimental to our sleep. This is why it’s important to find some distance from your phone screen before bed.

The power of the phone to impact your sleep is twofold: firstly, the barrage of information is a barrier to winding down the mind and quieting your thoughts. Secondly, the blue light emitted by the screen itself has been demonstrated to damage your eyes and negatively affect sleep. Try an app which can be scheduled to adjust the light levels on your phone, and discover the power of airplane mode an hour before bed!

2. Routine, Routine, Routine

Even though sleep is something we’ve been doing our whole lives, it may not be something we’re good at. Like anything else, getting the ultimate beauty sleep is a skill that needs to be cultivated. A major step to this is developing a sleep routine – a series of habits that signal to your body that it’s time to wind down.

Powering down the screens and picking up a book can be an important step in this routine, as can a luxurious bath, a cup of chamomile tea and removing the day’s makeup. Thinking about the ways you already end your day and consciously turning them into a nightly routine signals to your brain and body that it’s bedtime, meaning that when your head hits the pillow you’re ready to switch off.

3. Activity

Everyone knows the feeling of falling into bed after a hectic day, only to discover a restless energy that keeps you tossing and turning between the sheets. Tiring out your body with regular exercise will both alleviate the stress of the day and allow you to sink into the mattress for a deeper sleep.

Exercise doesn’t have to be time consuming either – skipping the elevator to take the stairs or even a series of yoga postures you can do at your desk can contribute to a good night’s sleep.

4. Make The Space

You’re probably going to be spending about a third of your life in your bed, so it should be worth investing a bit of time and energy in making it the best it can be! Clean sheets are essential for the ultimate beauty sleep. Upgrading your mattress and pillows can make a world of difference. Avoid sitting in bed during the day if you’re working or watching TV, as this cultivates poor associations for the mind – try to keep the bed sacred as a haven of perfect sleep.

5. Cancel The Coffee

We need to talk about caffeine. Okay, we’re all going to need a little boost most mornings and whether it’s the shock and awe of a bitter black coffee or the self-care indulgence of the perfect flat white, coffee is here to stay. But recognizing that caffeine, for all its benefits, agitates the mind and quickens the heart, and has no place in an evening routine. Try switching to decaffeinated options in the afternoon – herbal infusions often feel equally indulgent and have so many health benefits.

A good night’s sleep really is a matter of habit, and a few easy tweaks to your routine can make a huge difference. The benefits of good sleep can also be profound, from improved concentration, better regulated weight and a stronger immune system. These tips will help you find that ultimate beauty sleep. Sweet dreams!


Victoria Munson writes for Business assignments and Gum essays. As a business reporter, she writes compelling stories on current events, and analyzes and interprets information for her audience to understand. Also, she writes fun articles about digital marketing and technology trends and writes for Research Papers UK.