YES.Yes.Yes. The answer is a big fat YES.

And by god, if I see you using regular moisturiser on your face you’ll be damned!

Face moisturiser is for your face and neck only. Eye cream is for your eyes only, hand cream is for your hands and body moisturiser is for everything from your shoulders down. THAT IS IT.

I mean come on. The name along should give that away. But of course, I’ll explain further. You know…so you can understand the science behind it.

Anatomy 101 – Our body has skin covering it (duh..) and as you can imagine, is thicker in some areas than others.

Our face for example is softer and thinner than our legs. Thus, our good old body moisteriser caters for that and so too does our face cream. Think about it, we cleanse our face once, twice max a day. We strip it of its damaging oils and open our pores, so we need a cream which is sensitive to our skin.

Our legs on the other hand are exposed all day, rubbing against our clothes, scratching against rough surfaces and are sometimes the first point of contact for harsh winds, so we need a heavy duty thick lather of cream to keep it hydrated.

It’s also worth mentioning that most face moisturisers have anti-aging and anti-wrinkle agents mixed within them, so if you’re not using the right cream you’re missing out on all the added benefits – specifically for that skin type.

Our hands, once again are also continuously exposed to the elements and are being washed close to 4-5 times a day with harsh soaps, stripping them of all bacteria. The good and the bad.. so we need to take care of them. In order to keep them looking silky soft and smooth, we recommend carrying around with you a good hand cream in your bag. They also look horrible when they’re dry and cracked – a dead giveaway to your age; another good incentive to keep on top of it!

However, in saying all this, it is possible to minimise your expenses in this area and opt for an all in one agent. Our one and only recommendation here is coconut oil. Saves having multiple creams and moisturisers in the cupboard (all of which we know don’t get used and if so only on the rare occasion) and it’s even great for your hair!