This is an age-old question when it comes to women – most of them start heavily moisturizing and thinking about it by the time they’re 30. Meanwhile, their human counterparts of the opposite sex are sailing well into their 30s, 40s, and even later into their lives before they pose the question “Is there a good moisturizer for men?”. 

Maybe they’ll notice a wrinkle here and there or look at a selfie in a different light. Or perhaps they’ll spot a grey hair or two and start looking for other evidence of time simply flying past. The answer to this question is simple – it’s never too early. Is it ever too late? Well… 

There are a lot of great reviews out there if you’re looking for the best face lotions for men, and a lot of information to get you started on your journey to self-care. Unlike most women, men aren’t taught about this kind of regiment at a young age, and when they feel the need to pamper themselves they might be at a loss. 

Of course, we’re not talking about ALL men – we’ve met some that would have put Marie Antoinette to shame. Read on about sensible, simple, and effective ways to take care of your skin before it starts aging and after the signs are already there.


Start moisturizing in your 30s – or around the first time you feel your first hangover. 

Eyes are usually the first thing that someone looks at – it’s what makes your first impression of any person, and if there are any wrinkles there, they’ll be visible. Of course, there are the laugh lines that a lot of people find endearing, but this is also the area where your skin loses its elasticity because of sun damage, smoke damage, and other external factors. 

What to do? Don’t go for creams. Go for serums. What are serums, you ask? It almost sounds medicinal – and you wouldn’t be that far off. In a normal cream or salve, there’s a lot of ingredients that carry the active parts of the cream – like cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot oils – these are nourishing and moisturizing, but the active ingredients are only a fraction of the content. A serum is a power shot of the most concentrated, easy to apply active ingredients. They will contain vitamins, minerals, oils, and other magic stuff like:


Green tea extracts

Hyaluronic acid

Vitamin C 



Herbal extracts  

All of these ingredients nourish the skin and target its elasticity. Serums will reduce deep wrinkles and puffiness if used regularly. They’ll make your eyes appear brighter and more awake, tightening and clarifying the area around them. 

Facial Hair

Start whenever you decide to grow facial hair! This might be anywhere from 15 years to 100. 

Does your facial hair get wrinkles? No. But do you know you can make your whole face look a whole lot better if you start moisturizing it? What is this trickery? 

Have you ever heard of beard oils? If you haven’t, listen up. Beard oils are sold in tiny bottles and are full of happiness – they help to moisturize your often tough facial hair so it’s more manageable. They also nourish it and leave it shiny, rich, and luscious. Well made (and well applied) beard oils won’t leave your face glistening and oily. What’s in a beard oil anyway? 

There’s usually a lot of oils, and maybe a bit of essential oil added for scent. But won’t just any oil do? No! Different oils have different properties. Well-made beard oil will have several different oils blended together in order to achieve the optimal moisturizing, protecting, and nourishing effect. Here are some examples:

Hazelnut Oil – helps prevent breakouts and eczema. This is a great ingredient for anything that goes on your face. 

Hemp Oil – this oil is particularly good at moisturizing – it’s used in many nourishing creams and salves, and it’s absorbed by facial hair and is responsible for the softness effect. If you have brittle hair, hemp oil is the way to go. 

Argan Oil – softens skin and hair and is great for reducing wrinkles. It’s used in many hair moisturizers and soft soaps. This oil is used in the vast majority of beard oils. 

Jojoba Oil – it’s very easily absorbed, which adds to its incredible moisturizing effect. 

Castor Oil – promotes hair growth 

Essential Oils – These are mainly used for scent, but remember that essential oils can be an active ingredient. For example, lavender helps to calm the skin and helps to heal burns. Popular bear oil essential oil scents are cedar, patchouli, sage, juniper, nutmeg, and other warm and strong scents.  When choosing a scent, remember that it’s going to linger mighty long on your face, near your nose. 

If you’re reading this article, it means that the idea has crossed your mind – don’t wait! An extra moisturizing routine at the end of your day won’t take up too much of your time, and you’ll sleep and feel better in the morning.  Not to mention the positive effect on our skin after regular moisturizing! Last piece of advice : drink a lot of water and hydrate yourself – that moisture has to come from the inside as well. 

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