Second-hand clothes do not have to end up in a landfill waiting to be burned or converted to rags for cleaning. Instead, you can breathe life back into your used clothing. You can either use these clothes again or sell them at a local pop-up market or yard sale. Here are some great tips on how to give your clothes a second life.


Coats are one of the prime targets of restoration and upgrades. You can use different types of material to make your old coat look fresh and trendier. You can even use new buttons or consider converting it to a double-breasted coat if possible. Also, consider narrowing wide shoulders to create a more modern look if that is an option on the coat you are working on.

Converting a Dress to a Skirt

Changing a full-length dress to a skirt is one of the most innovative ways of bringing back life to your clothes. Perhaps if the top section of that dress is ruined, cutting it half and making it a skirt could be a great way to give it a second life. 

Altering Hems 

The hems of shorts, trousers, denim jeans, and even dresses or skirts can be prime real-estate to play around with. Altering them can make your clothing garments seem a lot more trendy and beautiful. For example, you can add some lace at the bottom of short hems. Alternatively, you can make the hems of full-length denim jeans seem ripped or torn.

Cropping Tops

If you’re starting to dislike the full-length tops you own, it might be time to add some spice to them. You can do this by cropping the top and making it more hip. Once you have cropped the top, you can play around with different ways to trim the edges.

Turning Evening Dresses Into Tops

Perhaps you might be owning more evening dresses than you need. If that is the case, consider making your evening dresses more usable by converting them to tops. You can cut the tops off and pleat them nicely at the edges.

Print Plain T-Shirts

Almost everyone has a basic set of t-shirts that they do not wear because they look plain and bland. You can make these look much trendier by including printed images, icons, or wording. Those plain t-shirts will look much more interesting and appealing from a distance. You can either embroider or print them directly at a local printery shop.

Fixing Damaged Clothing

Sometimes you might damage your clothing when ironing or doing laundry. You might also get caught into a door handle and rip your clothing. These damaged clothing items do not need to be discarded. Instead, you can cut a pattern that eliminates the damaged parts. You can also use lace or other materials to cover up any damage.

There are many ways to restore pieces and give your clothes a second life, even if they have been damaged. Get creative and try to explore different materials to use on hems and damaged sections of the fabric that might need to be cut off. Before you discard your old clothes, think about innovative ways to reuse them and make these garments look beautiful once again.


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