Fall tends to creep up on you slowly at first, and then all at once. The changes are gradual when the seasons begin to turn. Before you know it, the trees have shed all of their leaves and temperatures are low enough to make you want to cover up. Make sure that you’re ready for autumn’s cooler weather with our list of fall style essentials to add to your wardrobe, from comfortable layers to socks made in the USA and everything in between:


Long sleeves are your first line of defense against the autumn chill. Below are some foundational pieces to invest your money in:

  • The Brushed Cotton Shirt: Good news: there’s a way to wear cotton in the fall without shivering in it. Brushed cotton is the result of a finishing process where the fabric is brushed to raise its surface fibers. This makes it heavier and softer to the touch while improving its ability to trap and maintain heat. Since cotton is inherently breathable, shirts made with this material are great for those in-between weather days that are neither hot nor cold, making it a great fall style essentials.
  • The Long-Sleeved Henley: Swapping your usual round neck for a long-sleeved Henley is an easy way to elevate the look of any outfit. The buttons add just the right amount of detail to create visual interest, and you can instantly transform it from a round neck shirt to a V-neck one just by undoing a button or two. Go with soft and warm fabrics in darker colors for a fall-ready layer that’ll go great with almost everything you own.


Fall means trading your shorts in for pants and trousers. You’ll want to get them in earth tones and darker colors to suit the season. Here are a couple of our favorite options:

  • The Corduroy Pants: Autumn is a great time to invest in more textured bottoms that provide better insulation against dropping temperatures. You can never go wrong with a pair of corduroy pants, for both casual or dressy occasions. Just remember that the narrower the width between the cords, the dressier the pair should be.
  • The Dark-Colored Jeans: Denim jeans are versatile bottoms that are in vogue no matter the season. For fall, though, you’ll want to trade in your light-wash jeans for ones in deeper solid colors such as black, navy, dark grey, or indigo. Adventurous dressers can also go for shades such as burgundy, brown, or military green.


Another one of our fall style essentials is protecting your feet from the elements with cozy socks before slipping on some stomp-ready boots:

  • The Everyday Performance Socks: Wearing the right pair of socks can contribute so much to your comfort. However, most people tend to consider them an afterthought. Don’t make that mistake! In addition to size and length, you should also be looking into what your socks are made of and what additional features they offer. Ideally, you’ll want socks that can keep your feet warm and dry no matter the activity. They shouldn’t be too thick, either, or else you might end up cutting off blood circulation to your toes.
  • The Boots: When it comes to boots, there are a wide variety to choose from this season. Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle-high boots equipped elastic side panels that make them easy to slip on and off. They are suitable for both formal affairs and casual occasions. Chukka boots are ankle-high boots that feature thin, open lacing with two to three eyelet pairs. These are great for events that demand smart or business casual attire. Lace-up boots are snug-fitting boots that go up past the ankle in the traditional working silhouette. Try them with cuffed jeans with a bit of boot sock showing.

Everyone should own at least one pair of leather or suede boots in any of these styles this season. They’re a great wardrobe staple that can easily be styled up or down for casual and formal events.


Fall is the season to break out your best outer layers. Look stylish while keeping warm with our timeless picks:

  • The Leather Jacket: Nothing evokes effortless coolness quite like the classic leather jacket. Unleash your inner James Dean by getting one in classic black, or lean into warm autumn hues reminiscent of the fallen leaves such as deep reds and redwood browns. The best part is that leather jackets are relevant no matter the time of year, which means that you can continue wearing yours well into the upcoming holiday season.
  • The Trusty Trench: Trench coats are iconic, and you’ll be glad to have one on during a sudden autumn downpour. Lightweight and waterproof, they offer a bit of insulation against the cold without the added bulk. For a modern take on this enduring classic, go with a beltless trench or one in a bold pattern or color. 

Having a strong foundation of fall style essentials is the key to effortless dressing this season. Stock up on a few basic pieces and you shouldn’t have any trouble putting together outfits that are both stylish and seasonally appropriate.