Looking great may be a good way to feel great, but if those clothes aren’t comfortable that feeling great is short lived. Sadly, for many many years, finding your fashion style has meant making sacrifices for our comfort, whether that’s in vertigo heels, skin-tight dresses or heavy handbags. Thankfully, over the last few years fashion has been embracing comfort. Fashion designers are finally offering great looking clothes that aren’t such an effort to put on, wear and take off, allowing us to get about the real business of living life. Here are my top 7 comfortable fashion trends for every season this year.

1. Flares, Bell Bottoms and Culottes

Flared pants have been back in for a few years now, and it’s no wonder they’re still popular this year: they’re big, they’re comfortable, and they also look great. Flares and bell bottoms give your legs form factor but provide them the freedom to breathe, while culottes are all freshness and light without giving up on a stylish look.

2. Backpacks

The handbag is dying a slow and painful death, and we couldn’t be more here for it. Sure, they can bring some life to an outfit, but having to carry one around can be a major hassle. But there’s another solution, backpacks! No longer an ugly practical choice, designers have been producing top quality chic backpacks that can pair with an outfit just as well as any handbag.

3. Oversized / Men’s Clothing

Ever since the 90s we’ve known there’s something irresistibly comfy about oversized clothes. They swaddle you in a loving clothes cuddle, and if you (French) tuck it in it, looks great every time. Loose clothes are great for the summer when you want to be fresh and airy, and for the winter when a massive jumper can keep you warm.

Men’s clothes have been designed for comfort for decades now, so adding some menswear to your wardrobe can give you comfortable options that still turn heads. Gender is a construct, so why not build ourselves some comfortable looks out of it? I’ve mentioned oversized clothes: that’s one area where menswear is a great option.

4. Swing Dress

The intersection between oversized and fitted is the swing dress. It’s fitted at the top and flowy down below, meaning you can feel comfortable and look great at the same time. Try wearing this comfortable fashion trend with chunky heels for a great sleek look that feels casual and stylish.

5. Leggings & Sweatpants

Any style that you could exercise, travel, go out and lounge around in is comfortable in my book. Leggings have taken over jeans as my go to comfy bottoms, something to throw on when I don’t know what else to wear. Plain black leggings can make any top pop without any effort and patterned ones are a great way to make a statement.

Another contender in the “exercise clothes as fashion” arena are joggers and sweatpants. When celebrities first brought sweatpants into the fashion limelight, you’ve got to wonder whether they found a way to pull off this style just so they could wear more comfy pants to events. Nowadays they’re a common trend, and pair really well with everything from nice tops to matching jerseys.

6. No Makeup

Whether it’s for environmental or health reasons, recently celebrities and influencers have been committing to buying and wearing little to no makeup this year. If you’re shy about throwing away all your makeup, trying a minimal look is a good way to give your face time to breathe and still look striking. And with the impact the makeup industry has on the environment, you’ll be doing a good thing by cutting back, so you can feel good about yourself at the same time. Now that’s comfortable.

7. Platform Sneakers

Sneakers are nothing new when it comes to comfortable fashion. The right pair can be a great way to bring some style to a comfortable outfit, and finally you no longer have to sacrifice your feet in pursuit of looking good. One branch of the sneaker tree are platform sneakers, a trend on the rise that amplifies this comfy trend with a little more of an edge (not to mention a height boost). These shoes give you the elevation of platform heels with the comfort of sneakers.

I can only tell you so much about what’s in and what’s comfortable: at the end of the day fashion is really about experimentation and finding what works for you. Any of these styles can come together into a great outfit that will make you feel good as well. No matter what you’re wearing you’ve got to focus on loving yourself (before you love anybody else, can I get an Amen?). Hopefully these comfy styles can get you some of the way there!


Author Bio: Katherine Rundell is a writer at Paper Fellows and Literature Review Writing Service, though she also takes great interest in social media marketing. She loves writing at Do My Assignment service about topics related to health and food, though her main interests are in fashion and beauty.