By Georgia Hammerson

Denim. Every girl’s trusted go-to. You could do nothing if argue denim is having a real moment, at the minute. Being a nineties baby in the naught-ies it could just be my age comin’ through, but if it wasn’t for the friend I’ve found in this particular cotton spun yarn, I would have had many, many more “what the hell should I wear today?!” breakdowns on my bedroom floor.

And with the colder months rolling in, it appears as though the fashion world has us all sorted for another cooler season (you’re no doubt bracing yourselves for) around the sun.

Miranda Kerr X Mother

miranda kerr denim, miranda kerr fashion designer, mirander kerr mother collab

miranda kerr denim, miranda kerr fashion designer, mirander kerr mother collab

miranda kerr denim, miranda kerr fashion designer, mirander kerr mother collab

It’s just a natural progression for a super kind of model to turn Designer, and in this case it was Miranda Kerr teaming up with Los-Angeles based denim-line Mother earlier on this year. Miranda knows her denim well, and being one constantly watched on the style streets, this 12-piece charity collection benefiting Sydney’s The Royal Hospital for Woman Foundation proved to be a feat for the model mum. The entire design process was very personal for Miranda and the collection includes heartening statement T-shirts with positive messages like “Attitude of Gratitude”. While the jeans are very personalised with fun hand written notes on the back that say “Hands off these are Mine”.

“I want to try and help people look on the bright side of life and to be grateful for what they have and not compare themselves to anyone else.”

A late-60’s inspired collection with a modern twist, pulling inspiration from all the babes of yesteryear this collection comprising of jeans, tops, shorts, a cut-out jumpsuit and a skirt makes for one certainty, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on this collection come winter. One of the many random fun facts about denim jeans is that the metal studs, also known as rivets, serve as a support to make it even more durable.

Vetements X Levis

vetements denim, vetemens denim discount

vetements denim, vetemens denim discount

vetements denim, vetemens denim discount, vetements bum zip

If you haven’t already heard of this collab, I don’t know where you’ve been. Perhaps, the cheekiest revamp of denim to date is Vetements team up with Levis. This Parisian Collective divides the fashion world and it’s opinion on street fashion like no other. With their stripped back focus on simplistically crafted pieces, they steer away from the “over-designed” world that can be high fashion.

Enter their daring collaboration with Levis. The insanely innovative and unique use of zippers galore on the denim is worth a mention – one zip actually runs all the way through the crotch from front waist to the back and yes, does expose the derriere if unzipped entirely. The super cheeky “barely there” high waisted shorts are brilliant also, directly contrasting with their oversized cut-up-and-re-sewn take on the classic Levis denim jacket. Not forgetting to mention their quality pick of denim washes used on said garments.

With the women’s and men’s designs being equally as strong throughout the collection, if you love the pieces or love to hate them one thing is certain, you won’t ever look at a pair of 501’s the same.

Calvin Klein

calvin klein denim campaign, ck denim, calvin klein kate moss

calvin klein denim campaign

It’s no secret (or be that, NEW news) that Designer Extraordinaire Raf Simons has been appointed the Chief Creative Officer of your favourite, all American dream jeans. This happened… and then there was the debuting show at fashion week in February, an introduction of the new Calvin Klein if you will.

And oh, how CK did not disappoint. Denim, unsurprisingly being the key pieces of the show, the “American Youth” inspiration behind the collection was evident from every point of the runway. Simplistic, stylish and young the show was a powerful demonstration of what is no doubt to come from the pop culture fashion house. The arrival of Raf and the revival of Calvin Klein means big things for this all American dream label, and your denim staples – stay tuned for magic.

There’s more…

Acneacne denim

Don’t freak, but Acne Studio’s are giving their entire denim line a revamp. Bearing in mind the company established itself by being the finest selection out there in the arena of quality denim – this is exciting. Keep an eye out for Acne Studios Blå Konst, (translating in English to ‘blue art’) this denim line is set to replace the beloved denim shelves at your local stockist and will consist of three styles: skinny, straight and baggy. These fresh threads will also don new buttons, less stretch in the fabric and presumably radical use of rivets. For those who fear change, stock up on your trusty Skin 5’s while you still can.

Oh, and if you didn’t already have enough reasons to max out your credit card – Rag and Bone recently opened up shop in the land down under.

brb… I’m going shopping.