By Jessica Frost

Let’s face it, models get a pretty bad rep for being beautiful beings that are basically walking coat hangers. There are some models however that are breaking free of stereotypes and proving that they are the complete package; beauty and brains. It’s becoming more and more common to see models transition from a life on the runway into other business ventures with a lot taking helm of their own brands.

We’ll start with those who are forging a path in the beauty industry, one of the most lucrative there is and a natural extension of a modelling career. I mean, who else would you trust when it comes to getting photo ready skin care 24/7?

Elle McPhersonModelpreneur, elle macpherson diet tips,

The super has always been the picture of the quintessential Aussie bombshell even garnering her infamous nickname ‘The Body’, so her choices of business ventures didn’t come as much of a surprise. In addition to her own intimates range, McPherson also heads up WelleCo, a health and wellness product company with the shining star of the range being ‘The Body’s’ secret answer to her flawless appearance, The Super Elixir.

Miranda Kerrkora organics miranda kerr, Modelpreneur, miranda kerr skincare line
After disappointing loving fans the world over when she retired from her role as a Victoria’s Secret angel, Kerr launched her own skincare line, Kora Organics in 2010. The brand is 100% Australian made and is giving women world-wide the hope of one day having a complexion that rivals Kerr’s flawless skin.

Jessica Gomesjessica gomes beauty line, Modelpreneur, jessica gomes skincare label
Maybe Australian models just know good skincare? Gomes scored big time when she signed on to be the face of David Jones and it has propelled her into the business world with her recent release of skincare line, Equal Beauty.

It’s not such as stretch for a model to move into designing fashion rather than marketing it. We’re seeing more and more collaborations (umm, Gigi X Tommy, Bella X Chrome Hearts, Jourdan Dunn X Missguided to name a few from this year alone) but one modelpreneur has had particular success in creating a fashion line since retiring…

Kathy IrelandModelpreneur, kathy ireland sports illustrated, kathy ireland labelA regular fixture on the covers of Sports Illustrated and the girl everyone wanted to be in the 80’s, Ireland began her own fashion line in 1993 that has expanded over the years to include fashion, beauty, kids, home and even a pets category. You may not have heard of it but the brand rakes in an annual merchandise sale figure of $2.6 billion. Not bad for a pretty face.

And then there’s those who strayed a little further from the fashion pack whilst championing their entrepreneurial talents…

Karlie Klosskode with klossy australia, kode with klossy courses 2017, Modelpreneur, like a klossDoing a complete 180 from her days as a VS angel and a prominent feature on high fashion catwalks, Kloss had ventured into the tech world to encourage young women to pursue careers in the heavily male dominated industry with her Kode With Klossy courses.

Anja Rubik Modelpreneur anja rubik, anja rubik magazine
Another VS veteran, after leaving the lingerie giant, Rubik started her own magazine, ‘25’. The publication is an artistic blend of femininity, sexuality and fashion proving that there’s more to learn from the fashion industry as a model than how to walk in heels and pose for a camera.