From the chilling winters to the scorching heat of the summer, your body is exposed to constant weather changes. With so much change throughout the year, it is essential to take proper care of your hands and feet in order to keep them hydrated and looking their best. With Ulta, you can pamper yourself with online deals on beauty products for skincare and other essentials! Try these tips to keep your skin happy and keep your hands and feet camera-ready all year long.

1. Keep it Clean

The first step to maintaining beautiful hands and feet is just keeping them clean. Staying clean is a simple but effective way to allow your hands and feet to absorb the moisture and nutrients they need. While we tend to keep our hands clean, it is vital to do the same with your feet. A dirty foot can harbor microbes, leading to cracked and aged skin. Worse, it can lead to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot! Clean with warm water and soap, and ensure the water is not too hot, as it can cause burning of your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Dead skin can be hard to shed, which is why it is essential to exfoliate your hands and feet from time to time. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of surface dry skin cells, making them look and feel smoother. You should do this on a weekly basis. You can use a regular scrub for your hands, and a specialist foot scrub for your feet. Scrubs are available for both dry and oily skin. Based on your skin type, you can purchase a scrub that’s best for you. 

3. Moisturize

Cleaning is done, scrubbing is done, now you need to moisturize! It is a common misconception that your hands and feet only require moisturizing in the winter season. Well, that is not true, especially for feet. The tough skin on your feet requires regular moisturizing more intensely and more frequently than the rest of the body. 

Always moisturize after a shower to help your skin in retaining moisture. Based on your skin type, use a special moisturizing foot cream available at Ulta, and not just any lotion. After using a foot cream at night, use cotton socks to reduce the evaporative loss and keep the moisture sealed.

4. Wear the Right Shoe Size 

Shoes are the protective cover for your feet when you step out of the house, so ensure that they do their job well. Cramming your feet into pointy or too-small shoes is not just uncomfortable, but also bad for your feet. It can cause your toenail to grow into the surrounding skin, leading to a dreaded ingrown nail that causes pain, swelling, and infection. So ensure that you wear the right size of shoes to avoid harming your nails and feet. 

5. Trim Your Nails 

Keeping your nails clean by trimming them regularly is essential for healthy and pretty hands and feet. Clean nails not only allow your skin to breathe, but also look presentable and neat. So make sure that you trim your nails from time to time to keep them looking tidy and be less prone to breaking.

6. Regular Paint Detox 

Painting your nails using OPI Wholesale and Distributor products makes them look orderly and pretty. However, it would be best if you allowed your hands and feet to breathe by giving them a break from chemical residue. Once in a while, remove the nail polish so that your nails can continue their natural and healthy growth patterns. Once in a while, remove the nail polish so that your nails can continue their natural and healthy growth patterns.

Keeping your hands and feet looking healthy and camera-ready all year long requires giving them regular attention, but Ulta has a great range of products available to make it that much easier to manage. Try these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to beautiful hands and feet in no time!