You want your hair to look great all the time, but washing, styling and bad habits all take their toll and lead to those bad hair days. Make life easier on your hair by avoiding these common haircare mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to perfect locks in no time. 

1. Washing Too Often OR Too Little

Too much washing strips natural oils from your scalp, leaving you with dry skin and tired, lifeless hair. Too little and sebum, a waxy build up secreted by glands in the skin, will stick your hair strands together causing it to look oily. Try washing every 2-3 days, and figure out the washing frequency that’s right for your hair.

2. Using Too Many Chemicals

Harsh chemicals can be found in all sorts of shampoo brands, and it’s hard to know which ones are beneficial. Do your research and avoid products that contain sulphates, which clean your hair so well that they strip away the natural oils needed for a healthy mane.

3. Not Drying Your Hair Properly

The right towel can be the difference between a good and bad hair day. Use a soft fabric to handle your hair, which is more delicate when wet – and don’t twist it up tightly, as this causes more damage. Letting your hair dry naturally is always ideal, so try to limit your use of hairdryers. When you do use them, make sure they’re not too hot.

4. Not Look After Your Hair Overnight

Whilst on the subject of good fabrics for your hair, many pillowcases are scratchy and cause friction, tangling your hair as you sleep. Choose a silk pillowcase or even a silk nightcap, and give your hair a break while you slumber.

5. Overlooking Sun Protection

Skipping out on sun protection for your hair is one of the most common haircare mistakes. Too much sun on your hair allows UV rays to break down those natural oils that are so important for healthy locks, potentially causing permanent damage. Luckily, just like sun lotion for your skin, you can get conditioning sprays with UV protection. Make sure you apply this before spending time in the heat, and you’ll be doing your hair a huge favor.  

6. Being Too Rough

When you’re fed up with knots and tangles don’t take your frustrations out on your hair, as this will cause breakage and hair loss. Be patient and use a wide-tooth comb to untangle a few strands at a time to save your hair from more trouble. Speaking of troubled tresses, you could be causing more damage if you wear your ponytail too tight or too high, so remember to let your hair have some downtime. 

7. Skipping Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning treatment is great to use once per week, as it helps build strong hair and repair some of the damage from the daily grind. You can find a variety of deep conditioning products, or instead choose a natural conditioner like coconut oil. Whatever product you choose, massage it into your scalp, through the ends, cover your hair, then chill while it gets to work.

Be kind to your hair and your hair will thank you! Make sure you’re not making these common haircare mistakes, and you will see a major difference in the strength, shine, and health of your locks. If you still find yourself struggling with hair loss, Hair Guard encourages the use of micro needling to help grow your hair back.


Molly Crockett is a writer and editor for Boom essays and Australian help. She also writes essay articles for OX Essays. As a marketing writer, she shares her lifestyle and personal development tips with her audience.