By Gritty Pretty

The top knot is to summer what Hamish is to Andy. You can’t separate them.

Still it’s nice to style it up, especially if you’re venturing outside the 2026 postcode. Manes, meet: rope top knot. Just a step above low-maintenance, it’s easier than a braid, but fancier than your average top knot.

Editorial hair stylist, Richi Grisillo, says adding the smallest detail to your top knot makes it ready for a night out, a date or work function. Top knots are also best done on summer hair that has texture, either naturally from being near the sea and rising humidity, or manually with sea salt spray and water.

His best tip? “Use your hands to rake back your hair to a high ponytail for looser texture. Using a brush will create a manufactured look that looks too perfect.” We can do that.GrittyPretty_TopKnotNew_02-1456x1000


1. On towel-dried hair, douse it with light sea salt spray (try: Sachajuan Ocean Mist or Eleven Australian Sea Salt Texture Spray) and blast it dry using the low heat setting on your blowdryer.

2. Using your hands, pull hair back into a high pony sitting just above the crown/growth pattern. Secure with a hair tie.

3. Go in again with the sea salt spray, but only use a small amount. Or, if you want a high-shine finish use a hair oil (try: David Mallet Hair Serum #DM027 & Ouai Hair Oil) and apply in a twisting motion to your ponytail.

4. Split the ponytail into two sections and twist each section clockwise and wrap over each other in an anti-clockwise direction, this makes the hair keep a rope-like finish. Repeat the technique all the way down and secure the hair tie at the end of the twist.

5. Use a few bobby pins to secure the twist into a nice form on top of your head. Place the bobby pins on the underside of the twist to secure against head.

6. Use the tips of your fingers to loosen hair around the hairline, temples and side burns for softness, and set the style using ORIBE Dry Texturising Spray (also try: Mr. Smith Texture Spray) for buildable hold and a top knot