The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a highly anticipated event that a lot of people interested in fashion look forward to. Indeed, it is attended by many famous celebrities, including having several popular artists perform during the show. However, at the end of 2019, the famous fashion show was canceled. Does the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show demonstrate a change in the industry? Let’s take a closer look. 

VS Fashion Show Cancelled in 2019

Even if you are not interested in fashion, you are probably familiar with the glamorous Victoria’s Secret show. It has been very popular on television, first airing in 2001 and appearing every year since except for one. It was shown on ABC and included everything from beautiful models and trending fashion to live music from the biggest stars of the time. It was truly an event that was enjoyed by millions.

However, over the years, there have been fewer people tuning in to the show. For example, at its peak, there would be 9 million people watching. However, in 2018, there were only 3.3 million recorded viewers. While Victoria’s Secret has not officially confirmed why they have canceled the show, there is the possibility that the reduction in viewers has been the main catalyst for cancellation.

Shifting Attitudes in the Fashion Industry

Could changes in society ultimately be the reason for the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? It cannot be ignored that there have been several petitions to ban the show from taking place in recent years. In particular, there are a lot of people that felt that the show only showed a certain body type, being thin and a small size. However, society is now more interested in being body inclusive and making everybody feel accepted for who they are.

Indeed, recent years have seen sales decline too. This is believed to be because customers are looking for more body inclusive lingerie, rather than those made for small sizes and bodies that do not reflect the majority of the nation. For example, American Eagle’s lingerie line called Aerie continues to do well. This switch in sales means that the same people that would normally tune in for the show are no longer doing so. Therefore, different designers and brands are coming out on top.

There is no doubt that former marketing Chief, Ed Rezak, made some damaging statements when he was in charge that would not have helped the brand. For example, he said that there would be no plus-size runway shows and that transgender models would not be welcome. While he later apologized for his comments, the damage had already been done for Victoria’s Secret.

Although, there is no official word to say that the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show will be canceled forever. This will tell if this is going to be a hiatus for the show or if changing attitudes in society are going to have a lasting effect on the brand.