By Xan Riley

Being a model and professional tennis player, my skin goes through a lot between the layers of sweat, sunscreen, and make up.

So it’s important my skincare routine is on point to help be both mentally and professionally… no one wants to wake up the day of a shoot or morning of a big game with a big blemish on their chin…

I believe nutrition is just as important for your insides as it is for your outside appearance. I drink a lot of water as well as eat a lot of greens and vegetables which helps with keeping my skin clear and free of blemishes.

Apart from that, there are few other inside tips and tricks I incorporate into my skincare routine to help maintain my 365 day clear, glowing skin!

Step 1) Exfoliate.

I exfoliate 2-3x per week with a moisturizing exfoliator since I need to exfoliate and replenish my skin after makeup or being in the sun. I like Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Cleansing Balm. 

Step 2) Cleanse.

I cleanse everyday to wash the whole day off of my face. I try to use natural products so I usually go with a charcoal bar which works wonders!

Step 3) Dark Spot Corrector

Since I’m in the sun a lot, I like to use a dark spot corrector on the parts of my face that gets the most sun (I use one from Clinique and it helps a ton!) before I moisturize. 

Step 4) Coconut Water

I spritz some coconut water on my face and then get ready for the most important and final step of skin care which helps regenerate your skin…SLEEP!