Whenever you’re on the move, your diet and exercise routines are the hardest to keep on top of as you don’t have access to your usual trainers, group classes or local hang outs.

Sure you might have a class pass but in a different city, let alone state, coordinating some solid sweating can be rather daunting.

Where do you run, what’s the best class, who’s the best trainer?

Introducing OBE – Our Body Electric; The live-streamed, almost virtual-like, group exercise classes you can access anywhere, anytime with exceptional trainers guaranteed to make your muscles burn.

The way it works is like a monthly gym membership – you pay a fee (which is pretty much the exact same price as a one off pilates class #winning) and you have access to an array of different trainers, leading various workouts all available at any time.

our body electric
our body electric
our body electric

From defining and sculpting, dance and hip hop, flow yoga and sweaty, strength circuits – Obe allows you to be in the comfort of your own home, with or without equipment, wearing mis-matched active wear, while you workout.

Something which for some, can mean the world of difference. Be it models on the move, mothers juggling babies and professionals working late.

“….this company is making crushing calories more convenient – and cooler = than ever before”
-Brit & Co

our body electric

Obviously the convenience is one thing, but the other significant point of difference which is catching everyones attention is the super-secret, under wraps studio they’re working out of. The almost iridescent lighting, pastel colours and effects make for a surreal live class experience.

So when you’re joining in live and the trainer (who sculpts the bodies of major models Romee Strijd and Elsa Hosk) pin points you out, urging to hold a plank that little bit longer – you really feel connected and in the right hands!

“Early bids will love OBE, a new 28-minute, no equipment, full body conditioning program live-streamed for six hours every morning.”
– Women’s Health Magazine.

If you can manage one of these a day or at least every two days, alongside any other pre-organised training and a healthy diet, you’ll be sure fire on your way to looking bikini body no matter what month of the year!

Try it and you won’t be disappointed – the cheapest gym membership you’ll ever own.