Stylish jeans are a menswear staple item in any man’s wardrobe. They are super versatile and come in so many different styles. If you want your modeling portfolio to stand out from the rest, why not take some fashion risks? Ditch your usual mens designer jeans for an edgier denim look! Stylish, bold and suitable for all body types, you can make a fashion statement while taking your portfolio outfits to the next level with a fresh, new pair of trendy men’s jeans. 

Revitalize your next photoshoot with fashion jeans for men that’ll transform your entire look. Say goodbye to boring denim ! Style yourself in some of the hottest jeans that menswear stores such as Differio have to offer! Here are some of the top men’s fashion jeans that’ll boost your portfolio photos with that Vogue-worthy, editorial edge.

Extreme Ripped Jeans

Ripped or distressed jeans are a great option if you want to add some edginess to your outfit but you don’t want to go too wild. An ordinary pair of light or dark washed jeans look instantly more stylish and effortlessly cool. Pair cool jeans for guys with a casual tee or an eye-catching shirt to complete the outfit. Rips are a subtle yet on trend feature that many men have in their closet. If you’re feeling really adventurous how about zip-front jeans? With a zipper that allows you to expose as much or as little leg as you want, there’s a very slim chance that anyone else will have the same trendy jeans as you!

Jogger Jeans

Love mens designer jeans but don’t want to feel restricted in skinnies? You’ll be glad to know that men’s fashion jeans have come a long way with cargo jogger jeans offering the perfect solution. The low crotch and stretchy fabric is perfect for wearing all day. The unique fit creates an edgy streetwear look that won’t go unnoticed. Paired with biker boots, jogger jeans are the men’s fashion jeans that you need in your collection.

Printed & Colored Jeans

Designer jeans for men don’t have to limited to just just black and blue! Make a statement wherever you go with a pair of vibrant mens colored or printed jeans. Adding a pop of color to your men’s clothes is an easy way of amping up your wardrobe. Show off your personality with an outfit that screams trendsetter. The best part is that this type of look can be dressed up or incorporated into everyday style.

Overalls & Jumpsuits

Skinny or loose fit, overalls and jumpsuits have put a new twist on fashion jeans for men. If you’re stuck for something to wear, these all-in-one pieces are easy to style and even easier to wear. Forget spending hours in the morning looking for an outfit, with this option you’ll have a ready-made look. Mix and match with your favorite hoodies and tees, or show off your figure with a slim-fit vest – perfect for drinks with friends!

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