People tend to define what a perfect body looks like. This definition often conforms to unrealistic standards. Social media makes matters even worse. Picture-perfect posts intimidate us and, yes, make us feel ugly most times. 

If you see flaws whenever you look into the mirror, you are not alone. Every one of us thinks of our body as too tall, too short, too fat, or too thin. This negative body image can destroy your self-esteem in numerous ways. Some may even resort to fad workouts and diets that, if not planned well, can physically harm our bodies. 

Change starts with you! If you are tired of all the negative energy that surrounds you, you need to start loving yourself and accept your body as it is. Here are a few tips to change how you think about your body and self-image.

Fill your closet with clothes that fit you

Consider this the first step on the long way to the isle of self-love. Being a plus-sized woman, running around in a pair of uncomfortable skinny jeans will only make you think you are fat. Remember, comfort comes first. Nowadays, women’s plus-size jeans come in various styles and colors. So pick something that fits you instead of buying something that doesn’t. All you need to do is go through the available options and purchase the ones that best complement your body. It will make you feel comfortable and stylish in your body type. 

Redesign your closet with clothes that complement you

However, wearing comfortable clothes is not just about picking the correct size. It is also about wearing clothes that compliment your body type. Choose colors that look good with your hair and skin tone. Identify your body shape and wear clothes that help you enhance certain features such as your shoulders or waistline. Redefine your style, and don’t feel pressured to follow current fashion trends if they make you feel uncomfortable.

Accept your body type

Each person is unique and beautiful in extraordinary ways. You cannot change some features, like your eyes, nose, and bone structure- not with diet plans and not by worrying. Humans are naturally ‘flawed,’ and even the most perfect person is insecure about some aspect of their body. Think of it as you have some beautiful features that other people would die to have. See the beauty in yourself and acknowledge it.

Set realistic goals for yourself

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay healthy. If you think you can change some aspect of your body, set achievable goals and work toward them. Having an extra layer of fat is not always bad, but set exercise goals and plan a healthy diet if you want to lose it. Avoid fad diets that may jeopardize your health. Reward yourself when you accomplish your targets. The key is not to work yourself to exhaustion. Remember, you need to keep your mind healthy and your body.

Think positive thoughts

Positive thinking can do wonders for your self-esteem. Shoot down your inner voice whenever it is about to say something bad about your body. Give yourself the power to rip toxicity right out of its roots. You are more than you look like. Try to focus on the many unique qualities you possess and how much good you can do with them. 

Give yourself compliments regularly

Sounds cheesy, right? Why on earth would you give compliments to yourself? The most straightforward answer is that no one can love you more than you. Sometimes, you have to practice self-love multiple times in a given hour. If that’s what it takes to feel good about yourself, go for it. Tell yourself you look beautiful today. Tell your body you are proud of the way you carry it. Tell yourself you love the way your jokes make people laugh.

Take care of your diet

You are what you eat. We have read and listened to this phrase more times than we care to admit. The truth is, your diet does influence the way you feel and look. You become less critical of your body when you manage to eat healthy food and stay active. Lazy days and unhealthy food often come with the bonus of self-deprecating thoughts and low self-esteem. 

Stop judging other women

Practice what you preach! If you are sick and tired of people judging you on your body type, know that you are not the only one. Several women feel insecure about their bodies and the way they appear. Understand that our bodies are not objects for judgment. Show empathy and treat others the way you wish others would treat you. If you don’t want people to judge your body and point out your flaws, don’t do that to others. Train yourself to look for beauty in other people and don’t hesitate to compliment them. 

Learning these lessons is not a one-day trick. It takes time to learn how to love yourself. You may encounter days when you don’t want to get out of bed or cannot help but feel bad about yourself. On these days, it is essential to remind yourself of all the times you successfully thwarted the negativity inside you. Go through such phases, one small step at a time. Remember what the Body Positive Organization preaches- “Beauty is not a single image, but the active embodiment and celebration of the self.”