Planning is Key to Landing a Job in the Fashion Industry

Preparation is key to launching a fashion career. Getting ready for a fashion career involves obtaining relevant experience and a focused education

Education and experience are important factors in attaining a job in the fashion industry. Many aspiring “fashionistas” decide to prepare for a fashion career right out of high school while others transition from an unrelated field. As states no matter how the decision to work in the fashion industry was made, there are ways to prepare for a fashion career.

Fashion School

Fashion schools such as The Fashion Institute of Technology, LIM College, Parsons, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising prepare students for careers in both the design and business sides of the fashion industry. Among the majors listed on The Fashion Institute of Technology website are:

  • Fabric Styling
  • Fashion Merchandising Management
  • Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries
  • International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries
  • Fashion Design
  • Accessories Design
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications

Fashion schools not only teach a solid business curriculum but also teach the inner workings of the fashion business straight from industry professionals. Fashion schools have a network within the fashion industry made up of industry leaders and alumni that contribute to the educational experience and set standards for the curriculum.

Although the above schools are located in New York and California it is possible to study fashion from schools all over the U.S. Many colleges and universities offer Fashion related majors. One such school is SCAD the Savannah College of Art & Design, which has locations in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia.

The advantage of attending a fashion college in a “Garment Center” such as New York and Los Angeles is in the increased exposure to the industry and added opportunities to intern and volunteer for fashion companies and events. Field trips to fashion companies and industry guest speakers are just part of the learning experience at fashion schools. Through internships, guest speakers, field trips, and more, you’ll explore your interests, learn the business of fashion, and make valuable connections.

How to Get Fashion Industry Experience

The fashion industry is very competitive and experience is one way to make a resume stand out. Internships while in college are valuable. Fashion Industry internships give students real-life understanding and exposure to the fashion industry and show employers that a student is dedicated to a fashion career.

Although not glamorous, working in fashion retail is also a valuable experience and a resume builder. Many employers look for fashion retail experience to show that an applicant understands that the focus of the fashion industry is the final consumer.

Volunteering at trade shows, market weeks and fashion shows also indicates a dedication to the fashion industry and is another resume builder. Fashion college career centers have a network of fashion companies that they partner with for internship opportunities, retail job openings, and volunteer opportunities. LIM College and the Fashion Institute of Technology offer many resources for job hunting and career preparation.

Transitioning Into a Fashion Career

Many people choose to transition into a fashion career after earning their degree in an unrelated field or after years of work experience. It is possible to make the transition but candidates should do their form of preparation. Many skills learned in an unrelated major or occupation, are transferable to the fashion industry.

Taking continuing education courses at a fashion school or earning a certificate will make the candidate more competitive in their job search. Many fashion schools offer certificate courses in fashion-related studies that can be attained part-time and around a full-time job. The certificate courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology include:

  • Retail Experience Management
  • Product Development Essentials
  • Image Consulting
  • Fashion Styling

There is no one way to get a job in the fashion industry but applying the above tips will help in preparation for a fashion career. Between education and real-world industry experience, candidates can get ready for a fashion career. All that experience pays off, too. Historically, more than 90 percent of our graduating seniors land rewarding jobs within six months of graduation. Our alumni have found success as buyers, event planners, entrepreneurs, and top-level executives at a range of fashion-related companies.