By Alex Knies
Phresh Off The Runway

Last week I felt like a normal teenager. I parted from my “double life” as a model, and went to New York City with my mom. No, I was not there to model. I was there to tour colleges. Yes, a model is considering getting an education.

It’s common for high schoolers to graduate and attend university. High school is defined as a time of cramming for countless tests and projects, all to get into a great school. But all of this cramming just leads to more cramming – only this time, in a dorm room. College is a great experience for those that can make the time for it.

Modeling may look like a glamorous hobby, full of luxurious clothing and parties, but it isn’t. Modeling is a full-time job for many. We obviously get paid for it- how else would we get that nice clothing? And college is supposed to prepare us for getting a job. So what do we do when we already have one?

The peak of a models career tends to be around their early-twenties, even younger. Runway especially is full of young adults, who most likely arrived backstage with their parents. Unfortunately, the peak of a student’s career is around the same time. As of now, we’re forced to choose one or the other: college, or catwalks. Fortunately, thanks to such services as CheapPaperWriting, we can get the best of both worlds – being successful in college and having an exciting job.

Most of the time, the models that do attend school do so after their modeling career. Or at least, after they become relevant. If you think about the supermodels ruling the industry right now (Gigi, Kendall, Taylor) how many are seen in the classroom? #KenGi plans on riding along with Vogue as long as they can.

But truthfully, I’ve learned a lot more on set than in the classroom. Last month I was learning French greetings, and now I’m talking to designers from Paris. Modeling’s an education in itself. You just have to take all that you can from it. Many models just show up to pose for the camera. I come fully equipped to learn all that I can. I’ve learnt about so many of different cultures just from talking to the Indian photographers, or the African designers. Who knew not all Indians like curry?

They say that high school and college are supposed to prepare us for the “real world.” But I feel as if I’m already working in the real world. Sure, modeling may not be the most conventional job. Yet I somehow have exceeded even the brightest honor students in my class. Taking what I know on how to develop an argument has helped me get a higher salary at a shoot.

So it all comes down to wanting to walk the halls or walk the runway I guess. It’s something that most likely will require a pros and cons list. Not all models’ careers last forever. Neither does any one’s career really. But what we can take away from both we we hopefully will remember forever.