Did you know that dried flowers have been on trend for the last couple of years?

They continue to be popular home décor items. Considering they provide warmth and color to any space, it’s not difficult to see why dried flowers have come back into vogue.

And seeing as they don’t require light or water like freshly-cut flowers or potted flowering plants, dried flowers are ideal for rooms with little natural light or second homes.

Where can you buy dried flowers?

By doing an online search, you can quickly find companies that specialize in dried flowers. Many traditional florists also sell dried flowers.

In fact, the latter is a good option if you intend to mix dried flowers with fresh flowers, as is becoming a growing trend.

Just make sure you use the best online flower delivery service for your needs.

Alternatively, if you have the time and inclination, you could learn how to dry flowers yourself.

Which varieties of dried flowers should you get?

Just like fresh flowers, there are numerous types of dried flowers available, all with their own distinctive colors and appearances.

Though, some varieties of flowers are easier to dry than others. Therefore, some types are more commonly available.

Spend some time looking at different types of dried flowers to discover which ones you find most aesthetically pleasing.

Popular dried flowers include starflowers, which come in gorgeous red or white colors, celosias, which have unique textural blooms and come in a variety of colors, forms, and shapes, and eucalyptus, which, with its silvery and blue-green hues, accompanies both cool colors and floral designs used in home décor.

Other varieties of dried flowers to check out include:

·   Pampas grass.

·   Lavender.

·   White okra pods.

·   Baby’s breath.

·   Terracotta wheat.

·   Bleached bunnytails.

·   Loofa.

·   Statice.

·   Larkspur.

·   Shirley poppies.

Dried Flower Decorating Ideas

There are numerous ways that you can decorate your home with dried flowers. Firstly, you can go with arrangements of dried flowers in vases. But unlike traditional floral bouquets, you can easily go with more eclectic mixes.

You could even pair fresh flowers with dried flowers, although it can take a while to master the skill of knowing which flowers go together. Still, it can be fun and interesting to learn.

Dried flower arrangements work in any room of the house, but they especially go well in bedrooms and bathrooms, and as centerpieces in lounges.

Another option is to create dried flower wreaths. They particularly look great in the springtime but can be used as decorations all year round. Consider colorful wreaths that contain lavender and roses. In the fall, starflowers are a good choice for wreaths.

Another idea is to box-frame dried flowers. They can make superb finishing touches to a space’s design when hung on the wall. And you can choose varieties of dried flowers that have colors to match your interior design scheme.

With framed dried flowers on your walls, another beautiful touch you can make to a room’s décor is to add dried flower candles around the space. You can either buy dried flower candles or learn how to make them yourself. They look gorgeous and are sure to add a special aesthetic touch to your home.

Whether your home’s interior design scheme uses bold floral patterns, warm colors, or neutral hues, adding dried flowers to your décor will work well.