When you are in your early or mid-20s, you tend to switch apartments, neighborhoods, cities too often. But when formative years reach their pinnacle, a new phase of life kicks in, making you yearn for stability. You start looking forward to a settled kind of environment. At this juncture, you can need some guidance on home décor. For example, you may have old furniture items left behind by your roommate. These can be in great shape, but your personality doesn’t go with them. Or, you can have an artwork that you no longer enjoy as you bought it during your college days, and now your taste has dramatically evolved. 

All these are natural experiences. So you don’t need to worry about these transformations. When you enter your 30s, you become someone who can shape your dreams into reality. Your consciousness drives you towards values. While it can be challenging to figure out everything, you can trust yourself to be wise with your time, money, and energy. But you may wonder how to replicate your newfound personality in your interior style. Well, here are a few suggestions in this regard.

Seek Happiness Even in Hard Times


Some people want their homes to have timeless appeal. A classical or vintage touch gives them inner peace or satisfaction. If you belong to this group, you will have some vintage items that you received from your family and friends. Or, you may have bought a few from flea markets. If you like investing in old furniture, look for oversized mirrors. They say bigger ones make a better choice. However, you have to find the right wall for them. The mirror design should not extend beyond the available width of the wall. It can make things awkward-looking. 

Similarly, cotton rugs tend to be a private home décor item. They add texture, richness, depth, and layers by just being there. But again, the size matters. Small rugs often fail to create a neat look. Also, they cannot connect with the place easily. However, larger ones covering the entire designated space feel more comfortable and cozier. If it is bigger than the area, you can trim them based on their designs. In this context, you must know that rugs in the living room need to be large enough to accommodate at least the front legs of your sofa or chairs. 

Another thing is buying furniture made with natural materials is always better. For example, you can explore a reclaimed wood dining table, side table with marble top, a bamboo shelf, etc. All these are time-tested pieces, which you can use anywhere in the house. Plus, you don’t have to worry about their health. They can resist daily grinds easily. However, it doesn’t mean you can keep them just like that. Maintenance is an important part. Besides, make sure all these items offer excellent storage space. It helps your home look tidy all the time.

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Wall paint

The natural lighting conditions of the rooms can have a considerable effect on the wall color. Some shades may look attractive in the chart, but these may not do justice to your walls. To avoid making any mistakes, you can pick a 24 x 36-inch piece of paper and stick it to the wall. Observe how it looks throughout the day as the light changes. Then, if it stands out as per your imagination, you can go with it. 

According to interior designers, neutral colors and textures are evergreen options. Before you select anything, you can go through different sources to discover what may work. One of the best ways to infuse life into any corner of the house is to add neutral shades with dark hints. You can use a lot of accents, such as artwork, accessories, etc. It is relevant for every part of your home. For example, you can consider the bathroom. Does it have a classy single hole faucet from Kraus USA? You can use the finish of this easy-to-install feature and others in the restroom as accents to complement the background.

Or, you can coordinate the whole interior look with wallpaper in the bathroom, accentuating the prints with a faucet, sink, storage furniture, shower, toilet, etc. Smaller areas can hugely benefit from this because it doesn’t come across as too strong. So, apart from paint, wallpaper is another option you can use in several parts of the house. Again, the peel and stick materials will be quick to apply. And you can find it handy if you live on a rental property, where you cannot color the walls your way. 

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Art collection

 If you love art, you can get an artist to create a work. You may believe that only the wealthy can afford this. But there are budding talents who look for these opportunities to work with art collectors. You can reach out to them and decide whether it is within your budget or not. You cannot get an idea without trying this option. Interior designers advise focusing on art collections from early on because a home will have many empty walls. Art collection doesn’t necessarily restrict you to paintings and sculptures, you can broaden your horizon and collect vintage ornaments such as bronze statues, war relics, or even decorative Scimitar swords. History as an art form will surely captivate your visitors.You can build them to tell your story. It doesn’t mean the piece of work has to be expensive. You can get these from even local art fairs, screen printers, and others. And when you finally move into your home, you can hang them.

Just make sure you put them at eye level. Also, these artworks should be close to each other, with only a gap of few inches in between.

Eventually, you would need to put everything together in a fashion they speak to each other. More precisely, you have to arrange your sofa, cabinets, mirrors, and everything else to create visual balance. Too small or large things may not look good sitting next to each other unless something in the middle leads to them. If you keep these things in mind, you will not have to begin from zero when you move into your home. Or, even if it is a rental space, you would know how to leave your stamp on it without violating the basic guidelines.

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