We all know our mothers blame us for some area of their body which are just not what they were ‘before they had kids’. Having a baby is a huge hurdle, but the tireless struggle to get back to the pre-baby body is a whole new ball game.

As a model however, you entire career is dependent on the way you look so its a huge lifestyle issue that models mums have to face after giving birth.

You see some of these girls strutting down the runway for what seems like no time at all, and they look better than most women could only dream about. And we question it? How the fuck did they do it?!

In the past, I broke it down to a spiteful comment about it just being genetic and they are just ‘fortunate’ to bounce straight back – but this is not the case, and I saw with Elyse how intense and rocky the road was to getting her body back to normal after she had Lila.

The fear that it will never be the same is one thing, but the pressure of shedding the pounds to get back into the game is gruesome. I chat with Elyse about the journey, the tricks and the success of her body after the baby.

Interview with Elyse Taylor

By Sasha Benz

How soon after you had Lila did you start to think about getting back in shape?

The day after! LOL. It was very hard for me to be that big after being in shape from the age of 17. 8 days after my doctors approval I started light Pilates again.

What goals did you set yourself?

I was very hard on myself, I wanted to lose the weight in under 3 months, which is just physically impossible. You have so much water and fluid and your body is just off, so that was a reality check. I’m still not 100% at 4 months, but I’m definitely close.

How much weight did you plan to lose?

I planned to loose it all– all 50lbs of it, and I will. It’s just taking me a little longer.

What did you change in your diet to get back into shape?

My diet changed drastically, I went back to my old diet for show seasons. And after being out of the game for a year, it was so hard! I had zero discipline! But it consisted of protein shakes and salads, high protein, no carbs and no sugar…. BORING.

What food did you miss the most after the pregnancy?


What food will you never eat again because pregnancy ruined it for you?

Pasta… I overdosed… and now I hate it… it’s a good enemy to have!

What was your workout regime? 

After birth, I would do 2 hours, 5 days a week. Now I do 90 minutes, 4-5 times a week with my trainer at ModelFit.

Did you follow a specific diet and workout at home?

In the beginning I persuaded my pilates teacher to come to my house because I was breast feeding, and the idea of leaving Lila made me nauseous. Then I had a cardio trainer for 2 weeks. Then I switched to ModelFit for the last leg of sculpting and tightening.

Did you ever doubt you would not get back to your pre-pregnancy body?

No not really, I was just annoyed at how long it was taking…. And realizing I’m not 17 anymore, and that I now had arm fat which was new to me.

What was the hardest part of the weight loss?

I think for most women it’s that time just before you start seeing a difference. You’re working so hard, but you’re also heart broken that nothing is happening. You want to punch your boyfriend for telling you how pretty you are when you just feel like a pig!

Was breastfeeding an issue with diet change?

No, I breast-fed for 1 1/2 months. I had a previous breast augmentation, so I produced less and eventually stopped.

What beauty tips did you use to deal with reducing the belly and boobs without damages to the skin? 

I think that’s mostly genetics and depending on your skin type. I have olive skin so it made it a little easier for me, but still I was lathering myself in coconut butter. I stank but it worked..

Was it hard to put a focus on training while balancing being a new mum?

No, I had a baby nurse to help with Lila because I don’t have any family in New York. So I wasn’t worried leaving her because I knew she was safe. But I do think if my job didn’t consist of basically being paid to stay in shape, I would have never been able to justify being at the gym knowing Lila was at home.

How quickly did you get back to work after the pregnancy?

It took about 4 months and a lot of poloroids to convince people I was back in shape.

What was your first job back, and how did you feel getting back behind the camera?

My first job was for Kookai in Australia. It was really nice to be around a familiar accent. Because I know my body so well, I could still see that I still wasn’t in perfect shape, but the client was happy, so thats all that matters.

Do you plan to have another baby, and how soon would you consider it?

Yes, we are planning for a second. I think in 3 years, when Seth and I have totally forgotten about labor, hormones and no sleep!