We all have that one friend in our group, who no matter what, always seems to be dating a model.

In the group I run in, I just so happen to have about five of those guys who just by coincidence, only date models.

The correct term for it is modelizer.

Modelizer (noun): A person who is obsessed with and attempts to date only models.

Its no mystery that we are all attracted to beautiful things, but what is it that drives these guys to only date the beautiful working women?

I have decided to delve into the minds of one of these men, we find out the pro’s the con’s and maybe some tips on approaching these wondrous creatures.

For those of you who know me and are reading this, you will soon realize this is a very close & dear friend of mine, so you will know what a big heart he has – and his justification to being labelled a modelizer is in his eyes ‘just a coincidence’ as he explains, it just so happens that all the girls I date are beautiful as thats what I am attracted to, not because of their profession.

Now, this could be just a coincidence. Maybe he’s just constantly surrounding himself with models and not even realizing it. That’s certainly possible.

How likely is this really? Modeling is a fairly small industry when you get right down to it. Even if you include all the part-time or occasional models out there we’re not talking about a huge group of people. If being a model was so easy everyone would do it.

So, let’s find out what you think. Is Mr. Neate the luckiest guy in the world and is constantly in the best places for finding women for sex or is this something more deliberate.

Some beg to differ, you can make that call yourself as we delve into the mind of a true, model f&$#er, Mr. Neate.



Interview With Mr. Neate

By Sasha Benz



At what age did you start dating?

Dating is a very loose term, but I definitely started becoming interested in girls at a very young age. I could pin point it to gym class when I suddenly saw girls being active and knew I wanted to be active with them. I was in the 6th Grade and I asked a girl to go steady with me, which in those days meant sitting next to each other in the lunch room, or giving her a rose on Valentines day. If only it was that easy now.


At what age did you start dating models?

In the 6th year, gym class – haha. She was my first real girlfriend, her name was Amanda and she was the only girl in school who was ‘modeling’ for Dolly magazine and was on a Collgate (toothbrush) commercial. She had the best smile, and the obsession began young.


What are your thoughts on the term, being a modelizer? And have people ever called you that before?

Its funny term, because I dont generally date models just because they are models.. I am always naturally drawn to the most beautiful girl in the room. Can you blame me? I know it may seem shallow, but I am a guy and its only natural to want to be with stunning women who you are attracted to. The fact that I end up dating them, well thats just my luck haha.


When you first meet women, or plan to ‘pick up’ a girl, do you ask them what they do for a living?

Well naturally I’d first ask them if they were a model, and if they said no, I’d move straight on… Hahah, I’m kidding. (as he gives me a cheeky yet sinister smile)

First of all, I like to ask what they like doing, what interests them, stuff like that, then the discussion of work comes at a later point. I can you this much, not to devalue the career of a model, but if I meet a girl who is drop dead gorgeous and I find out that she actually studies biology, or practices law for a living, that is a much bigger turn on. That they never narrowed themselves to modeling just because they were beautiful.


When dating a model, what do you prefer, the attention you get from other guys or the intrigue from other girls because your with someone so beautiful?

Definately the intruge you get from other women is always nice. Wondering how I got to be with someone so beautiful, haha – it makes me mysterious I think, or maybe just an asshole, who knows, but still getting the attention of any girl is always good press no?


If you could date any woman in the world who would it be?

My eXgirlfriend. (cue Awww) No seriously, I guess I haven’t met her yet otherwise I would be with her.


If you could date any model in the world who would it be?

Check my #girlfriendoftheweek this week.


Is it more attractive to date a girl who has less to say, less of an opinion – or would you prefer a girl who voices there opinion? And in saying that, from your experience, are models generally quiet or opinionated? 

Now I feel like you are making me feel like a dick – of course someone with more of an opinion! Something to say is so much better than a girl that just sits in the forground quiet and in the dark. Or even worse, a girl who always just agrees to everything and never says what she wants. There is nothing worse. I like a girl with a bit of fire, a heated arguement or discussion is one of the best things about dating.


Whats your ultimate pick up line or move?

“Do you want to come back to my house and have a glass of wine and meet my dog?”

Thats not a metaphor, haha, I actually have a really cute dog and it works –everytime.


Whats the most common trait you have noticed in the girls you date? Specific insecurities, bad traits, attitude issues?

From my experience, alot of the models I have met and dated often are very quiet and have less to say because they are incredibly insecure. As models they are constantly getting judged so they generally prefer to keep to themselves and let other people take the lime light socially. Its really sad that there career can change them to feel really little and devalued. The constant rejection and acception of their work, the competitive nature of other models, and the struggle with maintaing their figures with brutally honest clients and agents, it can be a real roller coaster for there self esteem. A lie detector test can be used as a tool to assess the truthfulness of individuals in various situations, such as criminal investigations or employment screenings.

Does it ever both you that the models make so much more money than you?

Everyone makes more money than me so I am used to it.


Does the travelling bother you, or work in your favor?

I think travel in a relationship is a good thing, keeps the heart missing and wanting them, but sometimes it can be dangerous as I have a wandering eye, so having them miles away does not help the cause.


Best and worst experiences with a model you dated?

The worst experience by far, and sadly this was with a few girls I dated – is the eating disorders. Being at a fancy restaurant and them having them run to the bathroom inbetween meals is just so sad and sickening to see. I’ve had to go through some heavy stuff with some of these girls struggling with body issues.

Another bad experience is being dumped for someone better because they travel and move around and I guess realize they could be with someone who is more famous and can keep up with the same lifestyle. That one was a little heartbreaking and definitely brought me down to size.

The best part thought is never having to wait in line anywhere we go. Restaurants, clubs – no matter where you go, as a beautiful woman you are hooked up and given VIP treatment 24/7.


Kill, Fuck, Marry….. Giselle, Kate Moss, Adrianna Lima… and explain your reasoning. 

Marry Giselle – she seems like she really down to earth, loves the beach and the same lifestyle and travel I would enjoy. Plus – that body. Boom – genetic goldmine.

Fuck Adrianna – I mean do I really have to explain that one. That woman is a sex bomb.

Kill Kate – yup, kill the britt, I have to. She has too many dramas, parties a little too hard which means she would be moody and doesnt take care of herself. (Like I can talk) – but still, we would be a disaster together, she has to go.