By Michele Smith
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The model mum, its not a term for a perfect mother figure, it’s what we today call models who find themselves in the situation where they are both managing a highly intense high profile career while also having the joys of becoming a mother.

Take for example, some of the more famous Victoria’s Secret Angels including Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes who are all balancing motherhood with a successful celeb status career. Its both a tricky and admirable balance that they have to find. These models have to not only get back in tremendous shape almost immediately after giving birth, but they have to keep up their glamorous appearance, maintain there career in the spotlight and still manage to be good mums at the end of the day. Being a mum is tough, but being a mum in style is even harder.

So we come to the question everyone asks, how do they do it and what do these ladies shop for to keep up the model mum appearance? Is it trendy, back-to-basics or high end designer goods that we dare to admire. Here are a couple of popular items that we have sourced that any model or non-model mum can benefit with keeping in style.

Stroll with confidence

What model mommy doesn’t needs a stroller? Let’s face it …. every mom needs one and there is one company that is really putting the “so chic” into stroller. In fact, these model mommies are raving about this by storm. The Mima stroller – all leather, streamlined designs, mix and match color pallets – it’s the hottest trend in Europe. You can check out for yourself. This stroller is a no brainer for any stylish, high profile career women, still looking to maintain that chic mommy look.

The online baby dream

For those who don’t seem to have the time to source baby treasures in person, then here is our top pick of the best edited baby website This website not only says shop “modern” but screams super cute and why not? Here is the main point. Why would you go traditional, instead of really going out in style? Most models have the luxury of having access to the latest trends, and this is a great way for any parent who wants their kiddo to look trendy effortlessly without the dramas of shopping around – this one stop shop is the top go to for all things baby baby!

model mum
model mum

Swaddle me and I Love you

This is a very simple concept – very much in the tune of hug and you will be hugged back. aden and anais are the trendiest on the art of how to swaddle a baby in the simplest way possible. Any new mom can visit and shop swaddles in the most stylish and simple baby designs and fabrics. Plus the website is not just perfect tiny products, you can also learn great bedtime routines for your baby and even how to purchase the “right” sleeping bag for your little one. Model mummies face less time to work on their beauty routines and if the “right” swaddle buys some extra beauty maintenance time, who can argue with that?

Luscious luxury cashmeres

For those looking for a unique gift that screams luxury, Petite Vigogne is the way go. The reviews simply speak for themselves and it’s not just all about soft, soft, soft, and beautiful Peruvian styles, these luxurious baby gifts speak wonders and are the perfect present for those who do not want to shop in the big box store. Check out for some truly one-of-a-kind gift ideas.

The cutest accessories on the planet

Accessorizing is key. Crochet by Palm, should really be known as crochet by the heart. These super cute accessories are a perfect gift and are so popular that the company is no longer even accepting rush orders. The crochet gifts are a great baby gift that sends a strong statement. For more shopping and retail information visit and while you are there pick up a hat or two. When models are balancing their glamourous careers with diaper duty, accessorizing is the last item on their list to shop for.

model mum
model mum
model mum