Fashion is an inescapable part of modern life today and most people can use a bit of help in that area whether it is about dressing for your body or preserving your woolen garments. Knowing all the right tips and tricks can mean greater convenience in your everyday life so you look and feel your best with the minimum of hard work. 

1. Staples Over Trends

Fashion trends are ever-changing and some only last for a few months before they completely fizzle out. Instead of spending a lot of money trying to keep up with endless trends, buy staples in terms of colors, styles, and cuts and always pay special attention to what works for your body type in particular instead of just buying what everyone else seems to be wearing. Take a body type quiz online and that will be a useful guiding tool to which cuts and clothing styles will accentuate your best features. 

2. Break Out The Formal Attire More Often

Many people can get overly attached to jeans and t-shirts because these are the most comfortable clothes to wear on a daily basis but they can get mundane and uninspired. Break out your more formal and semi-formal wear on a regular basis such as short dresses, skirts, or silk blouses to change up your look. You can also focus on one element and really play that up such as a blouse or blazer to make your look appear more upscale with the bare minimum of effort. If you have a dearth of staggering, luxury pieces you can always dress hire Melbourne and that also saves you from having to spend a great deal. 

3. Get Great Basics 

As any fashion stylist will tell you, great basics in your wardrobe go a long way in defining your look. If you are continually having to hurriedly style your clothing pieces, you will often make fashion blunders. If you have basics set aside or even a capsule wardrobe then you can have a series of stylish outfits planned that you can mix and match with a set of neutrals. Get basics for the gym, for the office, for slightly more formal parties and events, and so forth. Remember using neutral colors like white, beige, grey, taupe, brown, and black never get old and give you endless styling options such as a white blouse that can be dressed up or down or a good pair of beige cotton pants. 

4. Don’t Underestimate Underwear

You may think underwear is not important but it has a huge effect on how clothing items look on your body and whether or not you have the right support. Incorrectly sized underwear or underwear that is old, overused, or has lost its shape can significantly alter the body’s silhouette making you look tired, saggy, and not your best. You may find investing in quality, comfortable shapewear is also a good option if you have a hanging belly or other areas in your body you want to tone up. It almost acts like art resin tightening and toning the appearance of your body and making you look more put together.