With windy days, cold nights, and a snowy environment, winters have already started. You must be looking thinking about warm food, dates, and nuts. However, you must be extra careful this year than usual. This is a pandemic year, and getting all the nutritional values is imperative to combat the germs. 

Paying attention to sleep, exercise, and other healthy habits are also mandatory for enjoying a stress-free and healthy winter season. Don’t be afraid of outdoor activities. Overworking and isolation can result in dullness and lethargy, making you vulnerable to diseases. Analyze your lifestyle habits. Overworking and isolation can result in dullness and lethargy, making you vulnerable to diseases. 

To stay fit in the winter season, try to follow the below-mentioned lifestyle tips. Let’s get started!

Include Vitamin C and D in Your Diet 

Citrus fruits are nature’s medicine for the ailments brought on by the winter season. Oranges and limes are available everywhere. These citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, which is essential to build up your body’s immunity against the common cold and flu. 

Since you need to boost up your immune system and vitamin C is essential for it, add citrus fruits to your diet this winter. You can consume citrus fruits in a variety of ways; you may make orange juice, lemonade, orange jam, orange tart, etc. 

Similarly, your body needs its daily dose of vitamin D. If you are lucky enough to get sunlight in your area, try to soak it all. Enjoy weekends in sunbathing or sit for at least 20 minutes to get direct sunlight. 

However, if you are unable to step out in the extreme cold, do not compromise on your vitamin D intake. It is vital for your joints and knees. People who have arthritis can get intense joint pain in winters. 

Therefore, consider including a supplement in your diet along with sunbathing. Fish oil is also a great source of vitamin D. Get your vitamin D level checked and consult a doctor before starting any new supplement. 

Swap Junk Food with Fresh Vegetables and Soups 

The holiday season might have made you addicted to sugary items and junk food. Although cheat days are fine, junk food should not become a habit. In winters, it’s time to have some healthy options to satisfy your cravings. 

Consume lots of green vegetables. Cucumbers, spinach, cabbage, capsicum, broccoli, and lettuce are some good options. You can also enjoy stir-fried vegetables with grilled fish at lunch. 

Furthermore, never forget to enjoy homemade soup every day. You can make fish soup, crab soup, or chicken soup. Soup made out of fishbone is best for bronchiolitis and flu patients. My colleague at the professional carpet cleaning outlet shared this tip with me. It helped in clearing my chest congestion and tasted yummy too! 

Bonus Tip: I always enjoy a vegetable platter while working from home. Slice some carrots, beetroots, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers and keep them with you. You have no idea how much nutrition you will get while completing your work. 

Create a Winter Fitness Plan 

You might not be comfortable with outdoor exercises in the winter season. Having an early morning walk in a chilly season seems impossible for many. This creates a need for a new fitness plan. Add indoor workouts into your routine. Pushups, chair dips, and crunches can be easily done from home. 

You can also buy a treadmill to practice indoor walking. Also, have a look at some wearable fitness devices. Apple’s Watch is gaining huge popularity. Fitbit charge 4 and 3, Garmin, and Honor Band 5 are some other options. 

You might not feel like getting out of the blanket in the winter season. This can disrupt your health badly. Set some goals for this season, like burning your preferred number of calories and exercising in chunks. Though gyms and training centers are now open, making an everyday visit seems difficult in winters. Try catching your trainer via Zoom. Virtual gym classes have become a new normal. 

Maintain the Hydration Level 

Winters will make you sweat less. As a result, you will be less thirsty than usual. However, never compromise on your water intake. Dehydration can give birth to several kidney issues like kidney stones, urinary incontinence, urine infections, and so on. 

Additionally, winters make your skin dry. A good intake of fluids can bring back the glow on your face. Download a water intake app for consuming the required amount of water, which is 8-12 glasses a day. Daily Water, WaterMinder, Aqualert are some good apps. Also, take one glass of fresh drink per day. Consider having a green drink, fresh juice, or lemonade. 

Pay Attention to Hygiene Practices and Vaccinations 

You must have been following the hygiene practices due to the recent pandemic. Keep following the regular hand washing, cleaning, and sanitizing tips. Take a bath every day and wear clean clothes. Also, get influenza shots to stay safe from viral illnesses. Vaccinations are for everyone, not just for the kids. Check your age and consult with a doctor before getting a new vaccination. 

Add Lots of Nuts, Dates, and Oats to Your Diet 

Starting your day with oats is a good idea as it keeps you full for long. You can also enjoy a warm bowl of porridge with toppings of nuts and dates. Other best toppings for porridge include cranberries, apples, and pears. A full glass of a date shake also serves as an energy booster. 

Try consuming this shake in the evening or morning. Add a few nuts to it, and it will become highly nutritious. Bake some oat cookies and store them in a jar. Enjoy these homemade cookies with warm milk in the morning. However, beware of the sugar content. 

In short, keeping your health track is mandatory in chilly winters. Try to add indoor activities and consume a healthy diet to stay fit. Change your routine with the above tips and experience a good change in your lifestyle. You should get your daily need of vitamins and nutrition. 

Besides this, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, consume lots of nuts and dates, and enjoy some green vegetables. Also, consider taking supplements of vitamin C and D, and get flu vaccines after consulting your doctor. 

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