Planning your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. From scouring for your fairytale venue to finding that dream wedding dress – you’ll likely have a lot on your plate. Of course, you’d want everything to be perfect on your big day.

But one activity that often takes a backseat amidst this rigmarole is the search for an awesome wedding ring. Needless to say, this isn’t something you can or should ignore. This is because ideally, you’ll be wearing your wedding ring throughout your life. It’s going to be a symbol of your love and commitment.

But wouldn’t it be great if your wedding ring could also reflect your unique style and personality? What if it perfectly complimented your engagement ring so that you could keep wearing both? Wouldn’t it be great if you found matching rings that suit both your partner’s and your preferences?

That’s why in this blog, we’ve handpicked a few nifty hacks to help you select an awesome wedding ring that fits your budget and lifestyle. Let’s take a look.

List Your Preferences

Would you prefer solid platinum bands or a braided rose gold ring studded with precious stones? Do you want an over-the-top ring or is your style more minimalist? Are you open to experimenting with offbeat options, such as black, pink, and yellow diamonds? Another option could be using lab grown diamonds.

These are all questions you need to answer before you start your hunt for the perfect wedding ring. Make sure you have a clear idea of the following aspects:

  • Metal
  • Style
  • Stone type
  • Color

Quality, lab created diamonds by Stefano Navi are available in numerous sizes and styles.  Lab grown diamonds are real and have identical physical, optical and chemical properties as a natural diamond. They emit the same fire, luster, scintillation, and sparkle!

It’s a good idea to make a list of all your wedding ring preferences. Check different Instagram pages for inspiration and take a few screenshots for reference. These will come in handy when you finally start visiting jewelers.

Look at Your Engagement Ring

Will you take your engagement ring off once you get married? Or are you planning to wear it alongside your wedding ring? While this is a personal choice, it’s important that you make the decision before choosing your wedding band.

If you intend to keep your engagement ring, make sure you select a wedding ring that complements its style. Also, consider how comfortable you’re going to be wearing both rings. If you already have had a statement ring for your engagement, getting a simple band might be a better idea.

Consider Your Lifestyle

What type of hands-on activities are you involved in throughout the day? Do you like to spend a few hours at the gym or tennis court? Or perhaps you’re extremely fond of baking and cooking? Are you involves in activities, such as writing, typing, pottery, paintings, etc. that require you to physically move your hand?

It’s important that you consider these aspects of your life before you start searching for your wedding ring. If your job is particularly hands-on, you may not want to get a particularly delicate ring that demands regular maintenance.

This is also a good time to think about the kind of household chores you’ll regularly do. The last thing you want is to have to take your ring off every time you’re doing the dishes or cleaning your house.

Set Your Budget

Now that you have a clear picture of the type of ring you want, it’s time to set a realistic budget. Check online stores to get a fair idea of pricing and set your budget accordingly. It’s also important to remember that buying a ring involves various expenses other than the actual cost of the ring.

For instance, you’ll likely have to purchase insurance for your wedding ring. This is crucial for emergencies, such as if your ring gets accidentally damaged or stolen. Also, you’ll likely have to take your ring to a professional jeweler for regular cleaning. Likewise, you might have to get it resized in the future.

Keep Your Choices Flexible

It’s okay to define your style and design preferences. But make sure you discuss with your partner and try to accommodate their choices as well. Keep in mind that it’s their big day too. While you might have a fascination for dazzling solitaires, your partner might want a more subtle design.

It’s worth mentioning here that you don’t have to necessarily get matching bands. It’s totally okay if your partner gets a ring made of white gold while yours has a rosier tint to it. The important thing is to incorporate both of your style choices and preferences.

Do you have any other tips for choosing the right wedding ring? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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