If you’ve been involved in one or a few committed romantic relationships, you will agree that it is not always a bed of roses. Keeping the fire burning requires a great deal of sacrifice, commitment, compromise, and understanding, among other things. Most importantly, you have to be aware of the fact that challenges will always present themselves, and when they do, one thing is for sure. 

How you handle these problems will determine whether (or not) the relationship survives, and stays healthy. Fortunately, this article covers some of the most common types of relationship problems and how to fix them.

1. Communication 

How we speak, respond, and relate verbally has everything to do with how your relationship sails. You do not have to be always on the phone to prove that you are good enough. Give your partner a breather but make sure it is done rightfully. If you don’t maintain a free line of communication, however, problems arise. Here are some tips to streamline communication between you and your lover.


  • Go on dates regularly. This gives you a chance to talk freely about anything and everything with your dear one. 
  • Raising your voice does not make any difference. Keep calm, and if you feel that you must shout, bite a pillow instead!
  • Use body language when having a conversation so that your partner can see that you are listening. Paraphrase their statements so that they can know that you get their point. 
  • Create more time to spend together. This way, you can bond and catch up as you streamline your relationship. 

2. Sex Problems 

Sex cements a relationship, and sexual self-awareness and education spice up everything. Well, you could be having someone you love so much, but you are sexual mismatches. What does that mean? Maybe they have a higher libido while yours is lower. Perhaps you are the busy type and you are ever so tired to fulfill their sexual needs. Better yet, your partner could as well be a sex addict, and thus more prone to intimacy anorexia. As pointed out by John Thorington from Restoring Hearts Counseling, Intimacy Anorexia shows up in relationships in a number of ways that may not be directly spotted. He points out that sex addicts tend to avoid intimacy through ways such as staying busy, avoiding sex, shifting blame, isolation, and withholding love, among others. some solutions to sex problems include:


  • Be open-minded about sexual dynamics 
  • Use sex toys and lubricants to spice up your game
  • Research about sex positions together and try them out 
  • Have open talks about your sexual preferences 
  • Visit a sex therapist for more information

3. Constant Fights 

This is inevitable when in a relationship, and when it is not controlled, it can lead to a miserable breakup. Fighting over the same issues is a common sickness in a relationship. It is best to understand the weaknesses of your partner so that you can live harmoniously. For instance, your man could have the tendency of leaving his socks anywhere around the house. That can be a huge pisser, especially if you are a neat freak. To avoid constant fights over minor issues some solutions include:


  • Be patient and kind as you instill virtues in them 
  • Talk about It!
  • Settle issues as soon as they arise 
  • Manage your anger accordingly 

4. Finances 

Money is the root cause of all evil, and relationships are not to be left behind. If you have a partner with poor spending habits, you are likely to have financial obstacles every step of your way. Money quarrels will always be an issue sooner or later. It even gets worse when the woman has more money than the man. It brings along a lot of conflict in the relationship. 


  • Try and understand each other’s financial state. That will make it easier to delegate duties in the house
  • Have a financial plan that you are working on jointly 
  • Review how finances have impacted your relationship over the years
  • Follow up on your extravagant partner financial state

5. Differences and Indifferences 

As much as they are the love of our lives, we do not like everything about them. It is only that we tend to overlook the bad and see the good. We have seen couples going out together, drinking, smoking, and indulging in all the pleasures of life. Well, now those have vices that make them compatible. On the other hand, there is this couple that only does all the indulgences but one party is trying to stay sober and is not happy about it. How do you handle such?


  • You should not try to do that just to fit it, be yourself.
  • Tell them how their behavior makes you feel. Agree on maybe doing the drinking over the weekends, not daily 
  • Try to allow them to have their drinks in the house. It is safer. Make them understand that it makes you feel more comfortable. 
  • Educate them on the health issues their vices would cost. At all times, maintain a low fundamental tone. 

6. You Don’t Like Their Friends 

If you have dated, you perhaps know that one person in the clique that makes it look rotten. That could be the same person you do not like. You will sometimes need to bear the burden of having some people in your partner’s life. That is not enough, family and parents can also fall in the same category, and you end up feeling uneasy around them. However, especially when committed to building a healthy relationship, nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It is very doable. 


  • Make your partner aware of what you feel when he is hanging out with that particular person. 
  • He has to set boundaries with the friend now that you are a couple. 
  • If you do not get along with them, do not be around them. It will mess with your sanity. 
  • Talk about everything that makes you uncomfortable with his friends. It will make it easier for him to know how to work things out for both ends. 

Relationships are plain to the core difficult. Challenges will always come, some of which make you feel like calling it quits. However, no relationship is perfect. It’s mostly about understanding what you can tolerate and what is toxic. It’s about addressing issues that can be solved and moving forward. Hopefully, the few tips above will help you with just that.

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