There are many benefits of flying in a private jet. In fact, it’s so much more convenient and comfortable than flying commercial. Once you fly a private jet you may not ever want to go back to those crowded economy seats!

Hiring a private jet has become increasingly popular year after year, although it has not yet become mainstream. While you might think only the rich and famous can fly on a private jet, these days there are ways to make it affordable. Even if your budget is tight after buying a Los Angeles homes, travel with a group of friends and split the cost! A private jet can accommodates a group of six! Sometimes, empty leg specials can reduce the price too! You and your family can jet set and enjoy a weekend hiking, skiing or diving. Plus, studies have found that private flights are safer than ever, yet another great benefit for peace of mind too. 

More Time for Play In Your Destination

When you board a private jet, you don’t need to arrive two to three hours before departure. Flying privately only requires 15 minutes to get you boarded and flying. Private terminals mean simply walking outside and boarding. They also provide a wide range of upscale services like fast takeoffs. When it comes to luggage and travel essentials, you not longer need to worry. The jet crew gets the luggage loaded quickly, plus it won’t be a take long for takeoff either! Private jets can fly in and out of congested cities significantly faster than commercial planes. Especially for a short trip when every minute is precious, you could save a half-day or more by flying on a private jet.

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Arrive Closer to Your Destination

Upon arrival forget about the waiting period to pick up luggage or rental car and drive to your destination. By flying a private jet, you’ll have total control, which means you can fly into a smaller airport closer to your destination. Maybe you want to travel to Sedona! Instead of having to fly commercial to Phoenix and then embark on a nearly two-hour drive, fly right into the heart of red rock country and land minutes from your resort with your essentials.

The Ultimate in Luxuries

Not only is riding in a private jet stress-free, but there are all sorts of luxuries you’ll enjoy too. The crew can stock whatever you desire for the flight, from meals prepared according to dietary restrictions or special touches for celebrations like honeymoons and anniversaries. The menu options are practically endless, from seafood and steaks to gourmet dishes made by five-star caterers. Plus, you wont need to leave behind your pet! On a private jet, you can bring along your furry best friend along, plus it can move about the cabin freely! There is no need for your pet to be confined to it’s crate, or even worse, trapped in cargo.

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