By Michele Smith
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It is a well-known fact that there is a lot more to the glitz and glamour that the public sees when it comes to the fashion industry. There is the everyday hustle and bustle when it comes to running to appointment to appointment, to fittings and photo shoots all in one day. What happens however when models have travel thrown into their schedule and have to additionally plan ahead? This would be in addition to figuring out transportation schedules. The following are travel tips that models live by and all of us travelers can take advantage of when we are on the go.

Airport Arrival

This tip we cannot stress enough and this holds true for every traveler, and especially for models are who are booked for a gig. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time when possible to get the airport and keep in mind that arrival time is ½ – 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 hours for International. If the photo shoot is first thing in the morning in a new town, fly in the day before. The key here is to prepare. There are many travel advice and planning blogs online, such as The Trajet, that can give you great tips and advice on how to plan your trip. The more prepared you are, the smoother your journey will be!

Check TSA Requirements

Plan ahead here for your upcoming photo shoot and pack accordingly, as TSA requirements are quite strict for carry-on bags. Always consider exactly what you need in case your luggage is lost when packing a carry-on. As most people are aware, there are limitations on what you can bring on board liquid-wise and fortunately for most models there are makeup artists on photo shoot sets. Be sure to pack a good moisturizer, comfortable walking shoes and anything minimal you would need to wear at your first appointment.

Concierge IS Your Best Friend

For any traveler, model or otherwise, the first thing you should do after checking in is to pay a visit to your friendly concierge desk. Concierge (and, this is especially important if you are in a strange location) will tell you the most efficient way to travel to your photo shoots, as well as timing to travel to your destination. After all, if you have a new booking the last thing you want to do is arrive late. In addition, concierge can also assist you on where you can shop to stock up on healthy snacks for your hotel refrigerator, as well as healthy places to dine out.

Luggage Forward

We talk about Luggage Forward alot in our travel section, not because of any other reason than how convenient and genius this service really is.

Luggage Forward allows you to book your luggage shipment online, no matter what your traveling with, suitcase, gold clubs, surf board – the sky is the limit, and there is no airport dramas involved. Any time, any place. They literally ‘lighten your traveling load and your bags are waiting for you at the your destination.

The luggage is monitored closely by our predictive tracking technology, and handled with VIP service.

Pack Lightly

While most women are thinking this is never the case, a smarter way to travel is simply packing efficiently. This not only helps you avoid any overweight baggage fees, but by taking some extra time to pack, you will be better prepared once you arrive at your destination. A quick way to do this would be to lay your garments and accessories out on your bed for each day you will be away. This includes the necessary pajamas and of course all of your makeup.  Realistically, once you do this the general rule of thumb is take 1/3 of the items off of your bed and put them away, because most people in general tend to over pack. On the flipside however, keep in mind that most hotels do offer a laundry service – just keep in mind that most services are overnight or even 48 hours if you need your wardrobe cleaned.