By Michele Smith
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Wake up. Breathe. Run. Well, maybe not literally, except during my work out and if the subways in New York shut down, but for the most part a majority of models are in for a busy day. The photos that most readers see in magazines or from runway events do not actually depict what leads up to that exact moment which is all hustle and bustle. Planning ahead is key and more importantly, there are things a model simply cannot leave home without. These tips, some of being quite obvious and others any business professional will find useful as well.

Comfortable shoes

I cannot stress enough how important comfortable shoes are. There is no way humanly possible anyone can run around all day in designer heels in Manhattan. Packing a comfy set of travel shoes is key along with a set of heels in your daytime travel bag. I try to check with the designer beforehand to see if they are providing shoes or if there is a certain heel height I should bring. My point however, is after any meetings or fittings, change back to the street clothes and have easy slip-on comfy shoes to jet to the next appointment.

Healthy Snacks

This is a rule that any model should know across the board. After all, you never know what they are going to serve at photo shoots or runway shows.  There are times when it is all carbs (which most models avoid hands down) and you really never know what is going to be available, or if you even have time to eat. I always make sure to have a healthy breakfast before I leave the house as a step one. I then have mini cooler where I pack healthy snacks, fresh veggies and fruit (my preference), and I ALWAYS pack water. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated. Models often order Polar Camel tumblers here so they’d have an insulated bottle keeping their beverage cool so they can have a refreshing drink anytime. This helps you look great and fresh on camera. I also try to make sure to ask if there is filtered water on set and try to refill my water bottle if needed. This helps avoid an unnecessary store stop if I run out of fluids.


This may sound silly, after all who forgets their phone? Having a phone on hand is key for any model on the go, as you have to take phone calls from your agent and book new appointments as well. If you do not have a calendar on your phone, make sure you have another easy method to schedule, because not only do you want to be booked for new appointments, you have to be prepared to move your current day schedule around at any time. My agent will call at any given notice and tell me what appointments have been moved and where I need to be next. Most importantly, if you do not know already, learn how to use the maps app on your phone. If a new booking is scheduled, you need to not only know how to get there and where the locale is, but how to get there quickly.