By Michele Smith
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What does a day of the life in a model really look like? Well, I cannot speak for every model in the fashion industry; I can honestly say my schedule is hectic. This is not a complaint whatsoever and I think anyone can agree in any profession busy is always a good thing; i.e. repeat work and even travel. There are certain things I do not like for example, for instance jogging. I also really do not like it when my schedule changes and I have to worry about not only getting my bags to the airport, but also checking them in and getting to the plane on time. Believe me – if you run in a panic in heels through an airport once with luggage in tow, you are not going to want to do it again. Thankfully, I discovered a cool company called Luggage Forward and I will not ever use anything else again. This I a great service even if you are not a model in the fashion industry.

What exactly is Luggage Forward? In a word, it is the best solution for getting your bags from doorstep to doorstep, without costing a fortune. Ever since I contacted this company, I refuse to ever carry my bags again. Why? Peace of mind when your schedule goes awry and not panicking about having to go home to get your bags for your trip is priceless. The best thing too is that Luggage Forward is affordable, which is great for any model or non-model on a budget.

How does this service work exactly? Well, what I typically do is pack and leave my luggage on my doorstep. They are automatically are picked up and delivered to wherever worldwide destination I am heading to. This means they are either delivered to a hotel I am staying at, or if a bunch of us have rented a home while we are on assignment, they are delivered there. I cannot stress enough how this is a worry-free travel experience. I also have never had a problem with missing luggage, so I have to say Luggage Forward is a very reliable company as well. You also can even ship your luggage to a cruise line, golf course or even an office. This is truly great for any profession where you travel and want to breeze through the airport, while not having to stress about travel nuances.

Booking your luggage shipment is also quite easy. Not only does Luggage Forward accommodate my busy schedule, but also I can either call to book or even do it from my Smart Phone. I also pack my luggage, as I normally would do so when I fly – no special packaging is required, unless I am bringing special sports equipment with me to work out. If this is the case, I simply call and ask how to pack. Luggage pickup also can be scheduled anywhere from home to office to hotel, and much more. Another part of this service that I beyond appreciate is that I receive a text message when my luggage has been safely delivered. I will always use this service, as it truly offers worry-free traveling.