Although it may get tiring, a major perk of being a model is the opportunity for travel. Being flown runway to runway, city to city – you’ll need a flexible schedule and valid passport at the ready.

Now, not all models are destined for international travel, but those are usually have their regular clients so tend to know a bit further in advance as to when and where they’ll be going.

Domestic travel on the other hand, not so much… with majority of bookings made last minute. Which means in order to be prepared, you should have a bag already packed with the essentials.


In-flight food and beverage are not your friend – especially if you’re on the way to a shoot. Before you jet set off, make sure you’ve got a big 2L bottle of water and healthy snacks like mixed nuts, fruit or popcorn to get you through.


Depending on where you’re headed, you wont need much. One comfy outfit to wear during transit; track pants, a plain tee, bomber jacket and slides are a good go-to. A sports bra and pair of tights if you get time to add in a quick workout and one classic ‘model off duty’ get together incase the client takes you to dinner or you go on an outing.


Don’t pack anything that isn’t already included in your skincare regime. You don’t want any breakouts or allergies to appear the morning of. For the plane, ensure you have accessible a good hand cream, lip balm, and full body moisturiser, with a few hydrating masks packed in there as well.


Obviously, depending on how long you’re away for, you don’t need much. Your phone charger, laptop, headphones and a good book are all that you really need.

Remember, you’re there to model the clients clothes and the clients product so don’t over pack. You may even get a few freebies at the shoots end!