By Gabby Neal

We all know a good sweat-sesh can cure almost anything. But what you might not know is that it’s not strictly limited to physical exercise. Hitting the sauna can provide just as much benefit all the same; with even more benefits seen from an infrared sauna at that.

Almost everyone, everywhere is jumping on the band wagon. From AMFAMily friends Jordan Barrett, Annabelle Barber, Kelly Gale as well as A-listers like Bella Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga – there’s definitely credibility toward its acclaimed results.

The nimbus Co
The nimbus Co

Essentially, the idea behind any sauna is detoxification. Where the heat generated in the room increases the bodies core temperature, resulting in dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow. Thus, eliminating all those nasty toxins built up within your body.

But where an infrared sauna differs, rests in the way in which the heat is generated. Speaking to Su Tuttle, co-owner of popular Sydney & Byron Bay based studio, The Nimbus Co, she explains,

 “Infrared saunas use an infrared light which actually heats your body gently from the inside out, providing users a much more comfortable and therapeutic experience as opposed to the traditional saunas, which operate at a much higher temperatures and heat the air around you”.

The idea being that, an infrared sauna will target your muscles and body fat first, before the mass onset of sweat which is where a steam sauna falls behind. And although you’ll find you sweat a lot more in one of these, (legit like you’ve just gone for a swim) you’ll be able to withstand it for much longer, meaning more benefits for you.

The nimbus Co
The nimbus Co

Which, by the way, includes a long list of overall positive outcomes – at least seven times that of a regular sauna.

 “Clients notice a range of results from glowing skin, a better night’s sleep, stress reduction and weight loss” says Su.

Results which are highly attributed to the increase in oxygen circulating through the body.

Unsurprisingly, a huge contributing factor to this is not just the sweat effect however, but the time individuals take to actually participate, “clients always comment on is how calm and rejuvenated they feel after simply taking 45 minutes out of their crazy schedule to be still, sweat and relax. “ which is vital in a world dominated by technology and the ever increasing pressure to be, and do more.

Of course, as they say, everything in moderation. With the benefits here only obtained, if attention to detail is put in elsewhere as well – a healthy diet and variation of physical and mental exercises will only assist you further in reaching your goals.