It’s no secret that the modeling industry is always under scrutiny. This is the case because of how most of the models we see on TV, online, and in top fashion magazines look. The side of the modeling industry that is most scrutinized is the one dealing with female models, but what about male models doing? Do they face similar challenges as their female counterparts?

While they do have many challenges, there is one big challenge that we’ve found to stop many talented male models. Let’s check it out.

Breaking barriers

There are certain beauty standards that have existed in the fashion industry for almost 100 years as the big brands have been working with very slim and tall models. These standards have made it hard for models with different body types than those hired by mainstream brands to build successful careers out of their skill and passion.

Nowadays, though, models with body types different than those wanted by big brands are starting to break these standards and are starting to set their own. Emoi Foster, a student, is the standard-breaking male model. He is working towards helping fashion brands become open-minded when it comes to the male model beauty standards.

A fashion freak

Emoi Frasier has always had a passion for fashion

Emoi Frasier has always had a passion for fashion. He has been fascinated by clothes ever since he started going to high school. The model expressed an interest in starting his own clothing brand, too but even though he loves fashion, his interest in pursuing a modeling career sparked quite recently.

Emoi Frasier’s interest in modeling started when he was in university. Fellow students kept praising how he chose his clothes and how he wore them. Eventually, it wasn’t just his fellow students who were taken away with his style, clothing companies started being impressed by it too!

A career in fashion begins

The clothing companies that Emoi Frasier managed to impress started reaching out to him on Instagram and made him offers to become their brand ambassador. When he received these offers, Emoi Frasier didn’t refuse them and began modeling for the brands so he could network with fashion industry professionals. 

The reason behind Emoi Frasier’s socializing with people in the fashion industry is that it’ll help give him an advantage over others when he launches his own brand. His past two years of working in fashion have made him learn a lot about what happens in this industry and have built his self-confidence.

Notice the Problem

Emoi Frasier said what he values about his career is the people he meet. The male model has learned a lot from the owners of the brands that he models for. However, Frasier has met many hurdles in his career that he had to overcome. For example, he doesn’t have the standard male model’s height.

For male models, the average height that most brands require is that candidates must be around 5 feet 11 inches tall to 6 feet 2 inches. This height restriction is what has made some brands refuse to work with Emoi Frasier and what keeps him from applying to work with certain agencies.

Beating all odds

Even though he’s barred from working with some companies, Emoi Frasier said he doesn’t let that discourage him. Fraiser recognizes he can’t change his height. In support of his statement, Emoi Frasier continues to grow his career. He has appeared in four Atlanta fashion shows and modeled in over ten shoots.

What he likes about the industry, though, is that most brands are starting value diversity. Also, he plans to use his career as a way to inspire others who’ve faced the same problem.

Cases like Emoi Frasier’s shine a beacon of hope to all models that have been restricted by unfair beauty standards that encumber talent. However, Emoi Frasier believes that when people don’t find themselves belonging to a certain lane, they must try creating their own. People like him don’t only bring hope for models’ careers; they’ll also help ordinary people feel more comfortable about being themselves always.

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