The idyllic image of a pregnant woman is wearing a denim maternity jumpsuit or dressed in a baby doll dress. During pregnancy, one of the problems you face is the need to change your wardrobe so that you can easily adapt to the changes your body goes through. However, most expectant mothers feel headaches when they think about how few options there are for maternity clothes and how expensive they are.

Although fashion evolves and shows us trends twice a year, clothes for pregnant women do not seem to inspire the great fashion designers at all. 

For women passionate about fashion and beauty, the offer of clothes for this period, called by some women as the most beautiful in life, overshadows the feelings. Pregnancy must also mean creativity, not just “wrapping the belly” in practical clothes such as denim overalls or a dress. And yet, there are many more options at hand and even in our closet than we would have imagined.

Cotton dresses with a larger size

In the first 3, 4 months we can easily access the existing wardrobe. The most efficient, logical, and economical is to make a rigorous selection in your closet before going to the stores.

Molded cotton dresses with a larger size – are a solution that will probably help throughout the pregnancy. You can buy 3, 4 simple dresses (sleeveless) from a material containing elastane. Ideally, it should be in various colors and without prints to be easily accessorized.

Your partner’s shirt and low-cut dresses

Your partner’s shirt, preferably oversized, can be very helpful. For example, an oversized button down can be worn with tights, pants, or a skirt. It can also be used after birth and is easy to use for nursing mothers.

V-shaped and low-cut dresses – are very convenient even after you give birth. This type of neckline promotes breastfeeding. Also, they are easy to find in stores in the maternity department.


Depending on how big your bump gets you might want to splash out on some over the bump underwear, but if those make you feel frumpy, there are options. You could be surprised how long your everyday underwear will fit if you wear them under your bump. On a similar note try out low rise women’s boxer shorts. They can also sit under your bump but give you a little more coverage. If you need extra support you can always get a belly band to help hold that bump in place.

A lot of earrings and long necklaces

It’s the proper time for accessories. Long earrings, round earrings, chandelier earrings – now wear everything you like. There will be a time when the baby will be very attracted to the accessories and will mercilessly pull them. Or you may be afraid that the little one may swallow a crystal or a pearl.

P.S. Earrings with a clip closure are helpful even after you give birth (if the baby pulls them, it won’t hurt your ears, but there is still the danger of putting them in their mouth). 

Shoes with soles designed by orthopedists

You can successfully wear many clothes from the existing wardrobe or clothes that are a size up. In the footwear field it is very possible to feel the need for very comfortable shoes and with at least half size up. 

Choose some from companies that work with orthopedics and keep in mind that in the last weeks of pregnancy the feet can swell a lot. Moreover, if you have a condition affecting your feet, you need to use a specialized insole. Like shoe inserts for heel spur for example.  Some pregnant women also feel that their legs have widened. You can also try comfortable shoes from the men’s district (the shoe is wider). There is no need to venture now into uncomfortable but stunning footwear.

Scarves of various colors and sizes

You will have a long friendship with scarves from now on. They can be used as a shawl, as a hair accessory, or around the neck. Depending on the prints and colors, they can give life to a very simple outfit. Also, breastfeeding your baby will be very helpful when you are in public. The scarves must be made of natural, quality materials.

The stylist’s advice

One of the best investments during pregnancy and also after is a Japanese kimono. It is elegant, it molds easily during pregnancy and you will be able to easily breastfeed while wearing it. Choose a model made of cotton or a material that is easy to wash at home.

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