Ear cuffs are made in many different styles and sizes, and have been embraced by people for centuries. Over the last few years, ear cuffs have been trending and gaining popularity once again. Below we have put together a brief history on where they originated, how the styles have changed over time and how to wear ear cuffs in the modern day!

History and Origin

Although we cannot establish the real origin of the ear cuff, the Greek aristocrats first wore it as a way of showing how rich they were, while people from Thailand and India wore it as part of their belief system. By the 17th century, Russians took interest and also started wearing ear cuffs, and by the 20th century, they were embraced by most of the world. Some of these ancient jewelry pieces are still preserved in the Diamond Fund in Moscow. 

By the mid-20s, most people no longer fancied the old ear cuffs, as they began to develop an interest in diamonds instead. The economy was booming at this time, and people had more money to purchase these precious gems. Over time, this new desire made jewelry-makers start modifying ear cuffs into simpler silver designs, with a more sophisticated appearance, and they gained popularity once again.

The love for ear cuffs continues to increase from one year to the next, and there are several reasons responsible for this jewelry style making a comeback in the modern day. Ear cuffs weigh very little, and even the most elaborate designs are very light and comfortable to wear. You don’t have to fear that the weight will pull at your ear lobe. They also do not require you to pierce holes in your ears. With the simple design, ear cuffs can be worn for any occasion and are a great way to make any outfit look chic and elegant.

How to Wear Ear Cuffs in the Modern Day

Now that ear cuffs are trending, let’s talk about the different styles and the various ways to wear them.

For an over-the-top statement look, try a large ear cuff with glistening rhinestones. Look for something bold that will catch peoples’ attention as you move. If you have a plain or boring outfit with little or no decoration, this style will surely add some interest to spruce up your look and allow you to make a simple outfit look glamorous in no time.

For a more elegant and subtile look, embellish your ear with a simple, chic and unique-looking ear jacket look. Unlike wearing the bigger and bolder pieces, this will give you an innocent look, especially if you want to exude simple beauty and femininity.

For the fake piercing effect, helix ear cuffs are here to replace the back clips, and they’re much more comfortable and seamless. Just like the back clip earrings, the helix ear cuffs do not require any piercing to be worn. They come in a variety of designs and are an excellent option for people who enjoy wearing jewelry but do not like real piercings.

The layered earring effect has also become quite popular in recent years. Try wearing several ear cuffs together. You can mix and match different sizes and styles to create your own custom look!

Unlike other heavy jewelry that can damage ear lobes, the ear cuff is a comfortable way to accessorize your appearance. You can wear them individually, or combine different cuffs to create a chic and layered jewelry look. Whether combined or worn alone, ear cuffs will help you to appear unique, stand out, and emphasize your fashion sense.