The year 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the period with the most change-provoking events in recent history. However, even before the ongoing health crisis sent shockwaves throughout almost every industry on the planet, the fashion world was already experiencing notable transitions.

The cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the end of 2019 marked the dawn of a new era in fashion. As new consumer market demands and priorities kept coming to light, the industry began pushing towards innovative solutions to the newly appointed problems. Here is a short recap of some of the innovations expected to revolutionize the fashion industry in the years to come.

1. The Rise of Virtual Models

The appearance of the first virtual models and influencers, starting with Lil Miquela, has undeniably made its mark on the fashion industry: these models look perfect without any aid, they always show up on time and require no compensation for their work. 

For real-life models, however, they are a potential threat, while some of the consumers seem to be growing tired of unrealistic beauty standards they’re traditionally served, now in the shape and form that’s positively unattainable. Although it’s still too early to tell what the future has in store for digital models, the influence they have on fashion is certainly something to keep an eye on.

2. Digital Fashion Shows

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot in its path. For the fashion industry, organizing high-end fashion shows with hundreds of guests is no longer an option, at least for the time being. 

As a result, the birth of digital fashion shows (organized to help consumers and industry professionals stay in touch with new trends and works of esteemed designers) represents an innovation that’ll certainly affect the industry for good.

3. Sustainability in Focus

The disastrous impact of fast fashion on the environment has prompted many garment designers and manufacturers to start looking for “greener” options. 

The process of coming up with solutions to help keep our planet safe and still leave room for creative expression is a lasting one, but noteworthy improvements have already been made. Still, it seems that the industry is yet to prepare for a change that will be universally impactful. 

4. 3D-Printed Garments

Will the 3D printing craze ever become profitable enough in fashion to reach as far as the consumer mass-market? While there is still an ongoing debate about that, it’s safe to say that 3D printing technology certainly has its place in the fashion industry and its applications have been thoroughly tested and experimented with for years.

From adorning textile to completely replacing it, 3D-printed elements are and will remain an inspiration for many fashion designers around the world.

5. Blockchain Technology & Fashion

Last but not least, be prepared to witness the game-changing innovation embodied in the relationship between fashion and blockchain. This powerful symbiosis is expected to help prevent greenwashing and counterfeiting, introduce smart labeling, and bring numerous additional benefits to the fashion industry as we know it.


Author Bio: Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist, essay writer and editor. She’s a real master of her craft who’s been working in a local newspaper in Salt Lake City for 4 years. Ashley is also a seasoned content writing expert who often covers topics such as psychology, modern education, business and marketing innovations.

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