The global pandemic has forced governments to take unprecedented measures, and lockdowns came as a natural aide as the virus began to spread quickly. Most cities have begun the reopening process, but still, most of us find ourselves spending the majority of our time inside and limiting social interactions for the unforeseeable future.

Some people might find comfort during this time, while others might have a hard time finding things to fill their schedules with. Everyone is finding their own ways to cope while adjusting to the new “normal.” Here are just a few tips, given from models all over the world, on how to spend your time pleasantly and beneficially.

1. Connect with Your Friends and Family 

One of the most important sources of comfort during these difficult times is connecting with our closest friends and families. Sam Way, who modeled for Chanel, Paco Rabanne, and Dolce&Gabbana, thinks that the people who are the closest to your heart should be the ones you contact regularly. 

Social distancing has become a part of this new lifestyle, but keep in mind you only need to keep the distance physically. Being social and communicating with your loved ones might not as easy as before, but thanks to technology, you can still do this online. So, even though there is a physical space between you, make the time to connect virtually. You may not be able to meet up for a drink, but you could still share one over FaceTime! Find ways to create quality time and find some sense of normalcy.

2. Learn a New Skill 

Now that you have more time on your hands, you can invest it in learning something new. James Yates, who modeled for Burberry and Hugo Boss, says that now this has given him the time to learn a new language. He was born in the UK, but has traveled the world and lived in many big cities. Being constantly on the road gives you little time left for yourself and learning something new. So, now that you have more free time at home, you might as well do something productive.

Learning a new skill can fill up your schedule and offer you the pleasure and positive emotions you need. Learn to cook new recipes, learn a foreign language, learn to play a musical instrument, or any other activity you are interested in. You might surprise yourself with new-found passions!

3. Exercise 

Models need to keep fit, even though most fashion events are canceled or postponed. Having a sedentary life is not recommended, as your immune system gets weaker and you are more prone to getting sick. James says that his second most important goal during lockdown is to exercise, keep fit, and focus on his health and wellbeing. “If you are allowed to go out of your house to exercise, you can try jogging. If not, there are other suggestions such as yoga, stretching, or daily challenges with different exercises,” says Melanie Norton, a fitness trainer and fashion model. Find the option suited for you and keep your body fit and healthy. 

This period is marked by uncertainty, anxiety, and stress and finding comfort might be difficult. Exercising triggers the release of endorphins, the hormones that make you feel good, and can also improve the quality of your sleep, helping you rest better. Sarah Feingold, who modeled for Glossier and Revlon, says that she has improved her sleep cycles by exercising daily and keeping her body moving. 

4. Unleash Your Creative Spirit 

The Thailandese model Primmy Patnasiri sees this lockdown as a positive experience. She thinks that there is a creative spirit within every one of us, and now it is the right time to unleash it. Primmy says that she loves spending her time painting, drawing, and reading novels. 

Writing is another form of art, so why not try it? Embrace the creativity within you and choose to let it free while you have the time. 

5. Spend Time with Yourself 

Maybe one of the most important pieces of advice is to spend some time with yourself, something you may not be used to. This means that besides developing and improving new skills, you can observe your behavior and thoughts to better understand yourself. Primmy says that one of the paths she took that led her to self-discovery is meditation. 

Meditation helps you focus on your thoughts, observe and change them. You can now replace bad habits with healthier ones, you only need to identify them. Do not put pressure too much pressure on it, but give yourself space and time to develop self-compassion and self-understanding. 

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a hault on the entire world. Adjusting to this new way of life isn’t easy, but there are many things you can do to help keep yourself in the right mindset during this strange transition. Exercise and keep fit, choose to learn a new skill, and connect with your friends and family. Social support is an important source of comfort during these times. Unleash your creative spirit and connect with your inner-world. 


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