By Keep It Cleaner
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Life manages to throw so many commitments at us and sometimes finding the time to exercise gets pushed to the end of our priority list. Steph and I thought this would be the perfect post to share with you this week as we are both crazy with Spring Racing requirements but we have both still prioritised our workouts- and wanted to share how and why we do here…

This happens to everyone and I am definitely also guilty myself. However, more often than not squeezing in that 45 minute spin class after work or 30 minute jog in your lunch break will be much more beneficial for you than staying at your desk or rushing straight home to get back onto your laptop to do more work than you realise.

I have received heaps of questions from you guys regarding how I manage my Law/Business and Personal Training studies, Keep it Cleaner, Model, and still find at least 45 minutes a day to exercise.

My simple answer is– I prioritise exercise and I make time, no matter what.

I am not suggesting to stay awake 20 hours a day and push your body beyond its limits, if you feel tired and run down don’t push yourself but if you spend 8-10 hours a day at a desk a little bit of exercise will do the world of good for your energy levels and overall wellness.

Here is what helps me fit daily exercise into my schedule:

1. Get a diary.

This one seems pretty obvious but if you don’t already write down your meetings and commitments in a diary every day I suggest you start as soon as possible. At the start of every week as well as writing down everything you have scheduled write down a checklist for tasks you must tick off for the week. Also jot down your workouts for the week. Be as specific as possible with this- include the time, type of workout and location to ensure you stick to it. Tick everything off as you go and when you look back you will feel really accomplished. Set yourself a challenge for ticking off all your workouts in a month and then reward yourself with a new pair of workout tights or a massage.

2. Think of exercise as a must and not a maybe.

You wouldn’t miss an important work meeting because you have to run errands so why should you miss a workout? Think about your workout as non-negotiable. Even if its 5:30pm and you have been at your desk all day and can’t think of anything worse than exercising- just do it. Your body will thank you for it. Don’t expect to be motivated every single time you go to exercise- sometimes you need to get going before your motivations comes back.

3. Stepping away from the desk and getting your heart rate up can make you more productive

I find if I sit at my desk all day studying I often get so tired and distracted that I end up only being productive for about half the time I am actually at my desk. If I have been sitting all day I always try to get in a workout before I do any more study or work as that way I feel re energised and more focused. Working out in the morning is also a great way to improve your concentration throughout the day. That way if you don’t like exercising at night after work you will feel great knowing your workout is already out of the way.

4. Prioritise your health

Often when we get really busy our workout is the first thing we think to ditch. This is a natural thing to do as we are only accountable to ourselves for working out, where as your work deadlines holds you accountable to others as well as yourself. It is important to change your mindset when you begin to think this way and remind yourself how important your health is. You can’t do anything at all without your health and so it is so important to try and stay as active as you can to decrease your chances of developing preventable health risks that can lead to disease.

And last but not least..Always remember this:Your health is your greatest wealth.’