By Simi A Mira

For all the Mothers out there, you know how hard it is to go through pregnancy. The changes to your body are enormous and clear for the world to see. When your livelihood is based on how you look, this can mean disaster! Even after the baby is born there is the monumental task of losing the baby weight and getting back in shape. With the modeling world coveting the perfect body, how do expecting mothers cope with the burdens of pregnancy and then return to their modeling careers afterwards?

The Challenges

Everyone knows what happens during a pregnancy. Without getting into the nitty gritty, your body is going to change. For a model that means they may not be able to get as much work as they gain baby weight. In an industry that is always looking for the next top model, will their career be able to handle a gap of exposure like that? Not only will they have to endure the time away while pregnant, they will not be able to get back into shape overnight. It is such a significant risk that many other careers do not need to worry about but some models have changed the playing field with pregnancy.

Pregnancy Shows

In 2010, Givenchy asked Adriana Lima to walk in their spring show while she was pregnant with her first child. Although she declined, this was a sign that times were changing with the modeling industries views on pregnant models. Also in 2010, Miranda Kerr walked Fashion Week in Paris while she was six months pregnant proving that it is not impossible to model while pregnant. This has been a great move for the industry as there are so many women that can empathize with an expecting mother and seeing some of the most beautiful models still showing their confidence and style while pregnant can draw in a fantastic crowd.

Making the Choice

Not every model can take on the runway while carrying a child and many do not want to either. The stress of having a child is enormous and can derail anyone’s life plans permanently. For models, the stress of their job is already intense as they always need to be aware of their appearance. Then there is the immense amount of travel needed for their career taking them to photoshoots and fashion shows around the globe. Once their child is born will they be able to take their infant with them around the world? Or will they need to take even more time to be with the child in its first few months and years.

The decision to become a mother is not an easy one to make and for models it is an even tougher choice. Risking their careers and livelihoods is not something to be taken lightly. But do the joys of parenthood outweigh all the risks and potential pitfalls? Many would agree that becoming a mother is a joyful and unique experience that is worth it no matter the cost and many models have undertaken the journey and come out triumphant on the other side.

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