There are many tips on how to choose clothes for different types of the body: for the figure of a pear and an apple, or how to emphasize the waist if you have a rectangle figure. However, women’s plus size clothes is a separate topic, which is worth researching if you want to form a stylish wardrobe. 

So, if you are the owner of a plus size figure, we want you to feel comfortable and stylish, regardless of the size of clothes and body type. Therefore, we have compiled a small set of things that can help you to verify your wardrobe.

Classic jeans

Denim is a necessary item for creating your favorite casual looks, but the choice must be taken responsibly. Try to give your preference to models with a high fit, and, as for the cut, straight or flared are suitable. 

Beautiful dresses

The wardrobe of women cannot be imagined without dresses. A simple cut, knee-length, and a minimum of decor – this universal dress you can wear to work, meetings, and dates. Moreover, it can be combined with any elements of clothing, accessories, handbags, and  shoes. You can make it look different every time – here the fantasy is endless. Pay attention to the models with a smell – they emphasize the chest and waist.

Cozy cardigans

Every one of us wants to feel warm and comfortable all year round, and for this purpose, fashion designers have created a cardigan. For summer – a thin knitted version, for winter – from the warm wool. Today it is not only a necessary item of the wardrobe of any woman, but also a solution for any occasion in life. If you want to make the silhouette slimmer and the height is higher, choose the cardigan that touches the knee or cover it a little. To make the thing universal, give preference to calm tones, like brown, pink, or yellow.

Blouses and jumpers

Any woman’s wardrobe should contain at least one universal blouse or jumper that can be easily combined with any “bottom”. Pay attention to solutions such as an asymmetrical cut, a peplum at the waist, and shortened sleeves, they look stylish and original. If you want to visually lengthen your neck, try to wear blouses low-cut.

Straight, curvy, pleated skirts

Here the solution is a straight model or a model with an asymmetric cut. The ideal length is up to the knee or a centimeter lower, and as for the coloring the best is plain, without prints. The great importance here plays the fabric and its density, which can make the silhouette perfect.

In the summer wardrobe, it is necessary to include lush and pleated skirts. By the way, for “triangles”, models with a flared bottom from the waist are especially advantageous, and for “pears” – options with a flared bottom from the hip.

Loose Pantsuits

Simple lines, laconism, trousers to the middle of the heel – all of this will benefit your silhouette. The same color and texture looks simple and stylish, accessories here can help to make the look more fun, and brighter. 


In autumn, this element can help to emphasize the figure with a good side. Oversize models are very popular nowadays, curvy girls should only make good decisions. The most advantageous cut is straight, it effectively removes volume and makes the figure more elegant.

Shoes and boots

Answering the question on how to create a wardrobe for a curvy woman, it is impossible not to remember pumps with medium heels – they make the silhouette taller and slimmer. By the way, pay attention, that if you prefer a classic black shoe, tights should be in tone. By the way, high boots that can be hidden under the hem of a skirt or dress are another trick. They will allow you to make your legs thinner and longer, because they don’t break the silhouette into color blocks.


Accessories are an important detail of the look of each, but for women of large sizes, they are especially relevant. Accessories will help to place accents correctly and present the figure in the most successful light. Curvy ladies can and should wear massive jewelry, of course, within reasonable limits. On average, two large accent accessories are more than enough. The ideal jewelry for the plus-size woman is one wide or several narrow bracelets and a watch with a large dial. Rings are also better to choose medium or large in size. As for the neck, try to give preference to the long jewelry, possibly with massive pendants or oblong elements.

So, the secret is that the rules of style are just recommendations, and the only rule that should be followed by you is to wear those things in which you feel amazing. None of our plus-size style tips are designed to hide your figure – just the opposite!  Choose clothes that show the curves of your great figure: tight-fitting sheath dresses, maxi dresses with a tight top and a flying skirt, fitted jackets and blouses, trousers with tight hips and a belt at the waist. Such things will add to your attractiveness and self-confidence!