They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But beyond their dazzling radiance, which can elevate any look a person is going for, diamonds come at a hefty price. 

There are two ways to acquire diamonds. You can either get them directly from the mine or from the lab, as science has its own way of manipulating their production. Either way, the cost of diamonds is expensive. 

A diamond isn’t just a sparkly rock, it’s also a good form of investment. Over the years, diamonds have increased in value, allowing you to sell them for a much higher price than you originally bought them for. 

With that, it would be a shame to spend thousands of dollars on fake diamonds. To prevent yourself from wasting money, here are some pointers to guide you on how to differentiate authentic from counterfeit ones:  

Do A Fog Test 

Having 4 carat diamond rings might sound amazing, especially because it’s a large rock. It can make your ring stand out right away and draw people’s attention to your beautiful piece of jewelry. But before you purchase one right away, you should check its authenticity first through a fog test. 

To do the fog test, all you have to do is bring the diamond closer to your mouth and breathe on it. The warmer that you can give out, the better. With this type of test, you can perform it easily on any jewelry or even a raw diamond.

In most cases, the diamond would show signs of fog. However, a real diamond should be able to fade the fog right away, and there’s no need for wiping to keep it clean. With a counterfeit diamond, the fog would stay in place and take several seconds to clear out.  

Use A Newspaper 

One of the easiest ways to identify if a diamond is authentic or fake is by using a newspaper. This will cost you nothing as you probably have newspapers just lying around your house. However, if you don’t have a newspaper with you, you should grab a book with small font letters as it’ll help you determine the quality of a diamond. 

To use a newspaper, all you have to do is lay your diamond face down on the newspaper. With that said, you won’t be able to do this for diamonds set in a piece of jewelry as they need to be loose. 

Moving on, as you place the diamond, try to align it with any letter or even a dot. If you can see the text or a distorted shape, the diamond is fake. Since a diamond’s light is so intense, you won’t be able to see any dots at all.  

Perform A Heat Test 

If you’re willing to take risks in testing the authenticity of a diamond, you should perform a heat test and see how it would survive sudden heat changes. This test will give a precise output if the diamond is genuine or counterfeit, saving you money from buying an expensive gemstone

To begin with, you should prepare a glass full of cold water for your diamond to soak in later. Using a set of pliers and fireproof gloves, you should heat the stone for at least 40 seconds and drop it directly into the cold water. If the rock shatters, it’s a fake diamond. An authentic diamond should not react as it’s one of the strongest gemstones available.  

Use A Diamond Tester 

If you’d like to rely on technology to see the authenticity of a diamond, you should consider purchasing a diamond tester and putting every stone to the test. This would work well with any diamond, even if it’s already in a ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet.  

To use a diamond tester, all you have to do is turn the device on, point the pointy metal at the diamond, and it should give you results. The tester would indicate if the diamond is real or fake.

Moreover, you can take this with you since it’s compact and lightweight, allowing you to test the diamond directly at any jewelry store.  

Seek Professional Help 

An error-free way to check the authenticity of a diamond is by seeking professional help. Since they know the industry well, they can quickly check the quality of diamonds with their eyes. While they might use a loupe, they’ll be able to give you an instant answer if the diamond is authentic or fake. 

A diamond has a specific sparkle and imperfection. Through a loupe, a diamond professional should be able to see how it shimmers and glows. They won’t need to use any tools as they can see right through any stone. With their help, you can ensure that they’re authentic, even with a colored stone.  

Diamonds are expensive. Before you purchase one, you need to guarantee that it’s authentic so you won’t put your money to waste. 

Over time, you can sell it for a much higher price, allowing yourself to turn this into an investment. Along with this, it can also make jewelry more luxurious and sparkly, which everyone loves.