Being pregnant is a special time in your life. In fact, many women say that their maternity experience was one of the most cherished periods of their life.

Not only does your body go through a beautiful metamorphosis as you grow your little one within you, but you equally get the perfect excuse to grow your maternity clothing collection!

While for some, the thought of having to create a whole new wardrobe with new clothes for an everchanging body seems stressful, it is equally something that can be a lot of fun. In fact, we are here to argue that it is perhaps one of the biggest perks of being pregnant.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want an excuse to go shopping for new clothes—especially clothes that are specifically designed to be comfortable!

From maternity dresses to maternity loungewear, there are so many fun styles to invest in this year. To help you get excited about creating your own maternity style and ensuring you have plenty of outfits that are equally supportive, comfortable and stylish we have rounded up the top stylist’s tips and trends that are emerging in 2022.

From luxurious maternity dresses to the staple maternity trench coat, here are all the styles that will hopefully inspire you to dress your best during pregnancy.

Style One: Casual Comfort

This year, the maternity fashion scene has been dominated by effortlessly cool yet equally comfortable clothes designed specifically for pregnant women. This trend is proving that your clothes can be beautiful and comfortable at the same time, something that until recently was not always widely available.

Expecting moms are always happiest when they feel great and look great. So the fact that casual comfort is one of the trending styles for maternity wear this year is nothing short of amazing.

At the end of the day, maternity clothes are supposed to help expecting moms feel great about themselves so that their newborn baby receives nothing but love and positive energy.

Style Two: Solid Colors

While many women go for an all-black look with their maternity clothes, this year’s trends and styles are also helping women add some color back into their life while pregnant too! Monochromatic colors are extremely popular for pregnant women, especially because it helps create a long, lean and beautiful pregnant look. It also can help hide a baby bump if an expecting mother is wanting to keep the baby news under wraps.

In general, solid colors work better than a ton of crazy patterns as pregnant women have enough curves going on. But that does not go without saying that the bolder the better with the monochromatic colored outfits too!

While black, grey and blue are always popular, emerging color schemes that are equally getting lots of love with the maternity clothing styles are peach, yellow and beige. So the best news is that whatever your favorite color is, you will definitely be able to find that!

Style Three: Sweatshirt and Skirt Combo

This style works regardless of if you are pregnant or not. But the sports sweatshirt and skirt combination is especially popular and trending amongst those who are experiencing maternity. Not only does it provide an opportunity to step up from the beloved sweatpants, but allows you to look effortlessly cool too.

This combo also allows you to fully embrace the supportive athletic sneaker look too. This is something that is often very important to consider, as throughout pregnancy your ankles and feet will likely need a lot more support. And sneakers are the perfect shoe to wear with this style, ensuring you are supported, comfortable and cool.

Style Four: The Leggins and Cardigan Duo

Again, this style is something that works great whether you are pregnant or not. But when it comes to maternity clothes and building your collection, the cardigan and leggings combo will likely be your go-to choice on most days. This is because leggings are insanely comfortable, supportive and make your body look great.

Adding in a cardigan steps up the style a notch and equally ensures that you stay warm. A bit more eloquent than a sweatshirt, the cardigan also allows you to play around with more accessories and shoes too. We all love the knee-high boot, leggings and cardigan look. And those that are pregnant have the excuse to wear that every single day.

Style Five: The Shirt Dress

When your baby bump starts to grow, you will automatically have dresses fit you differently. And one of the best looks to pull off with a bump is a shirt dress. This maternity clothing is equally comfortable and stylish, allowing you to wear this for a whole variety of reasons.

In fact, this is one of the most popular styles amongst those who are pregnant bloggers. So it is certainly a trend worth jumping into too! The shirt dress also pairs greats with all types of accessories, jackets and other accessories. So all you really need is one quality shirt dress and the rest of the outfit is yours to have fun with.

Style Six: The Knitted Dress

Pregnant women are dealing with a whole range of changes in their bodies, with an inconsistent body temperature being one of them. It is quite common for pregnant women to be cold one moment and then overheat the next.

This is where the knitted maternity dress really comes into play and is likely a big reason that it is such a trending maternity wear style for so many. Not only are the knitted dresses a great way to accentuate the baby bump, but equally keeps you warm and cozy all day long.

These dresses pair great with a staple belt or scarf and work for both the office, dinners and weekend wear. Especially during the fall and winter seasons, the knitted dress is one of the ultimate go-to maternity styles for many.

Building out your maternity clothing collection in line with all the emerging trends and styles is easy. No matter what you decide to invest in, the priority should always be ensuring it is as comfortable as it is cute!

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