Within the modern world, it can be challenging to find a brand of clothing that allows you to stand out from the crowd and be comfortable with soft, luxurious materials. This is mainly because of the enormous range of luxury fashion brands that the market features. 

Finding the right brand for you can be difficult, especially if you are trying to create the perfect look that expresses your personality and meets your needs as a luxury fashion brand. That is why this guide outlines some of the top luxury fashion brands for 2022 that you can try on for size. 

Consider what matters the most to you, and use this to drive your search for the right luxury clothing brand for you. 

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Firstly, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is a UK made capsule collection of luxury fashion items, and it stands out for creating impressively high quality items that are comfortable, stylish, and functional. https://www.wisconline.co.uk/ exclusively use the finest, most luxurious materials in their shirts, pants, and accessories. 

Originally being made from 100% Egyptian cotton, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing stand out for their functional yet fashionable items made to suit a range of styles. The focus is primarily on providing a range of customers with capsule items that complement any look. Whether you need a new shirt, base layers, or pants, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is definitely worth a try in 2022. 


While it is more affordable than other luxury fashion brands, Patagonia has an impressive range of high quality sportswear that is perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether you enjoy hiking or kayaking, there is something for everyone. 

Patagonia is known for its selection of weatherproof layers made from materials that are durable and breathable. They have also been credited for using recycled materials within certain items of clothing, which helps reduce their carbon footprint and keep the prices low. 

Although they are not typically considered to be a high-end brand featuring luxurious items, Patagonia will be a great addition to any closet because of the multipurpose pieces that they provide. Head out to your next outdoor adventure in something that you can rely on. 

Tom Ford

Of course, this is a well-known designer of high-end suits that dominated the world of luxury fashion in the nineties. Tom Ford remains one of the most influential makers of suits today. The designer originally used brightly patterned suits that are tailored to perfection using an impressive quality of material to maximize the look, and still dominates the market for luxurious suits today. 

A Tom Ford piece is certain to make a statement at your next event, and it can act as a talking point because of the bold look that they create. It is no secret that the fashion of the nineties is becoming more popular once again, and 2022 could see the rise of Tom Ford’s iconic reputation once more. 


For a more edgy, unique look, you could check out Kapital. The brand combines vintage military, Japanese maximalism, and wild west details to provide their customers with an impressively high quality of clothing and fashion accessories.

Kapital demonstrates how you can add to any luxurious style using oversized shirts, hoodies, smiley face socks, and even smock layers. Check out Kapial to get heads turning and ensure that you look the part when you are shopping luxury fashion brands. 


Finally, Acronym is a luxury brand that is futuristic and demonstrates how modern technology can be used to create more complex materials perfect for clothing. The brand is known for their tech-ware, and for integrating modern materials that are resistant to nuclear fallout into a range of clothing items. 

This can be advantageous, because Acronym have items that are highly protective without compromising style. Wind and water protection allow you to enjoy what you are doing without worrying about the weather conditions. 

Acronym demonstrates a futuristic amount of versatility and range, which can be seen in their jackets that can easily be transformed into sleeves wrapped around the body with a single movement. 

There are so many luxury fashion brands out there, that it can be a challenge to understand what type of style and clothing you are looking for. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration into the different materials and fashion choices to choose from.

Whether you are interested in creating a capsule wardrobe, need more high quality sportswear for your next adventure, or if you want to find a suit that will get people talking, there are plenty of options for luxury fashion brands in 2022.