In recent times, it has been witnessed that the world is having a paradigm shift towards sustainable fashion. As a result, various reasons have compelled numerous companies to become more transparent during the production process. 

While companies are manufacturing, and businesses are marketing fashion clothes and accessories in a sustainable manner, it is now time for you to play your part in bringing the change. 

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.” ~ Emma Watson. 

Choosing a sustainable fashion brand will not just benefit the environment, but it will also prove out to be beneficial for you. 

Sustainable companies and brands would make use of quality materials that would last longer. It will ultimately help you save money by not spending it on buying extra clothes. 

To help you with that, in this guide we are going to talk about how you can make sustainable fashion choices in 2021. We will provide you with some tips that you can follow while making sustainable fashion choices. 

Purchase From Trusted Brands:

The first step towards sustainable fashion choices involves choosing a brand that promotes sustainability. You should make sure the brand you are choosing uses methods and materials in such a way that promotes sustainability. 

Moreover, you should also check the employees working there. Those brands that claim to promote sustainable fashion but do not respect their workers and exploit them should not be considered sustainable.

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Buy Timeless Clothes and Accessories:

Another thing that you can do is to buy timeless clothes. Timeless clothes are those wardrobe stables that you can wear at any time or in any season. 

Having these staples in your wardrobes means it’s easy to resist the urge or buy fast fashion items you’ve seen advertised on TV, or have become convinced you need.

As well as these staples, investing in statement pieces can ensure you purchase products that are designed to last. Some accessories such as a Hublot Big Bang may feel like a purchase you can’t afford, and please don’t break the bank to purchase one, but would you rather buy three different watches for three different occasions or one statement piece that can be worn at any time and anywhere, as well as lasting a lifetime? Especially when Hublot have partnered with former cricketer Kevin Pietersen to create a sustainable approach to end poaching through their Big Bang range of watches

“It’s important to have timeless staples in your wardrobe that you know can last season after season.” ~ Alex Longmore.

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Say No To Plastic

Say no to plastic and choose wool, cotton, or linen. As they are made from just one fabric, it is much easier to recycle them. According to a recent study, over half of the clothes binned in the United Kingdom are plastics. 

Imagine how dangerous it would be. It is against the sustainability movement, and therefore saying no to plastic would be a good sustainable fashion choice. 

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Buy Second-Hand Clothes From Resale Websites

One of the best tips is to buy clothes from resale websites. There are two main benefits to this. 

Firstly, it promotes sustainability as you are not buying new clothes and reusing someone else’s clothes that are there to be resold. 

Another benefit is the price. You get good quality clothes at the most affordable prices with the satisfaction that you’re doing good for the planet at the same time.