At AMFAM, we’re all about investing in quality pieces for our wardrobe, and this doesn’t stop at accessories. And if you’ve ever seen either mine or our Editor Sasha Benz’s wardrobe, you know that this can’t be more true.

Accessories have the ability to change an outfit; dressing you up or down, taking you from day to night. And as much as we want to stop contributing to landfill, it’s quite easy to find yourself with an amass of cheap shitty purchases with thanks to fast fashion. But once you start looking at your wardrobe closely, you’ll find it’s worth investing a little money to have quality pieces that will last.

One of the most popular bags that is trending upwards in terms of price tag is the Hermes Kelly bag. It is a huge investment piece, as the price tag is quite high compared to other handbags, however, the financial investment of this bag is better than gold. Check out an Hermes Kelly Price list here to get an idea.

Speak to any individual, model or designer within the fashion industry and they will tell you it pays to invest in your wardrobe. From a good pair of skinny leg jeans, a timeless black bag or classic fitted blazer – you need a wardrobe that can be forever on rotation, consisting of high quality pieces that will take you anywhere, anytime without falling apart or falling into the ‘I’ve worn it already’ pile.

There’s even evidence to suggest that purchasing a designer handbag can even prove a better investment than a house.

According to an article published on Harpers Bazaar, they mentioned a study conducted by baghunter, where ‘Researchers compared the S&P 500 (stock market), gold and Birkin bags to see how their value changed over the past 35 years. The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent,’ adding that, this was based on the assumption that you ‘[didn’t] buy or sell within that 35-year time period.” Whereas they found that the forever iconic Birkin bag ‘increased in value by 14.2% over the same time period’.

Now that’s not to say you need to fork out thousands of dollars for a handbag, but you get the picture.

“A quality leather handbag, regardless of its price, is always a great investment.” Says Ben Thomspon, founder and creator of luxury leather label Charlie Middleton, “As an item that is likely to get a lot of use, along with being a focal part of your outfit day in day out, it makes sense to find a bag that is beautiful, functional, and that will stand the test of time. A really nice bag might cost double the price of a mass produced one, but it may very well last 5 times as long”.

Only recently Australian Vogue Editor Christine Centenera and designer Josh Goot team up to create Wardrobe.NYC – a four to eight piece capsule collection consisting only the essentials – only furthering this concept focusing on modern and sustainable luxury.

Speaking in an interview with Vogue, Christine explains “For us, this is about great design and quality, without excess. People want to identify with a label that reflects the changing times, and I think Wardrobe is a new model that achieves luxury without waste.”

And i’m sure I’m not alone in saying that most of my wardrobe, unlike my mothers at my age, wont keep until I’m able to pass on to my own children. Fast fashion has ruined the overall authenticity and keepsake value of an item of clothing.

So next time you go to purchase a new outfit, take the time to look a little closer and assess its worth – will it outlast your generation?